Friday, March 14, 2008

African woman wip and some stash.....

Here is an update on African woman currently in progress. She is coming along nicely and hopefully I will be finished soon. The last time I posted-her dress only came down to where her hands are. So, that gives you an idea of how much I have progressed. I am looking forward to finishing her. I found another pattern similar to her by Bleu de Soie and I am going to stitch that as an companion piece-it's called African woman and child. I have been busy working, but I finally got my winter exchange out to Carol today. So, pics next week. Now that it's done I am trying to decide what I will really focus on besides my little woman here.

Below is some of the stash that I have gotten over the last month. An eclectic little mix don't you think? I am sure that this is not all-but posting anymore would probably make me feel guilty or have me running for the nearest therapist (Carol, do you think I need help? LOL) I won't label everything, the pics. are clickable. But, if you have a question just email me or leave it in the comments. Last but not least I want to thank you all for your kind words of sympathy for my little Midnight. I appreciated you more than you know and your words were very comforting. Now, I am off to feed the masses better known as my children! Have a grest weekend!