Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tomorrow's Heirlooms Retreat (Picture Heavy)

As usual, it's been a bit since I have been here but I won't wax poetic about that. I am here to tell you about my lovely trip to Chicago for the Plum Street Sampler and Jeanette Douglas class at Tomorrow's Heirlooms! I have long wanted to meet Paulette of Plum Street and when I heard this class was being offered I knew I had to sign up. The class was the weekend of July 17th-19th.  I went a day ahead because I wanted to spend a little quality time in their store.

This is the front of their store. It wasn't super big, but it was jam packed full of all things good and stitch related. Old and new. When I arrived, I had just missed some of the retreat ladies and I had the whole store to myself for a couple of hours. It was delightful! Jan was working that day and she was so wonderful and patient with me .I truly enjoyed my visit. Then the first event of the weekend was the meet and greet with Paulette and Jeanette in the TH hotel suite that evening. Both designers were super nice and I must say Paulette was just as beautiful as I had imagined. Jeanette was a hoot, so funny! She also is former nurse, I was surprised to find out.  Plus we got treated to their wonderful models and some new releases to boot! If you haven't gotten these two, run to get them! 

I love this and I have started this one...slow progress Gorgeous colors. I will show you soon! 

As a cat lover this had to come with me! It's beautiful and in the picture below you can see some more of Paulette's fabulous tarts!

Some of her serial bowl finishes just because ;-) 

Serial Bowl Lessons

Then the second day was a class day and we started off our morning with Paulette of Plum Street and this beautiful sampler she designed.
It is called A Merry Hart and it is gorgeous! Done on PTP Ale. Mine is on 32 count.

Yummy colors!

Then next is was Jeanette's turn and this was her design
It is called Pumpkin Patch Box and it came with the wooden tray and all the little felt and threads to  make it everything. It's quite lovely! They also both did a collaborative project together of which I can't find to show a picture of! :-(  I will try to show it in my next post. I will show you a picture of them going over their piece instead!

The other two ladies (one in yellow is Kim and the darker solid pink is Pam) they are the owners of the store and put this together. They were super nice too! 

 I also got to meet a very special someone and that would be Laura! We have talked via email and follow each other on Instagram, but of course we had never met. I must say Laura inspires me to buy...a lot!! LOL She has such beautiful person inside and out and I so enjoyed meeting her! Your can find Laura's lovely blog here. Here we are together...now don't look at me!

Laura and I!

Another friend I had an opportunity to meet was Kathy!  She also model stitches and has done some model stitching for Paulette too. We were room mates in Chicago and it was a pleasure getting to meet her to too. I do believe there was more enabling of stash involved too! 


I also was able meet several other online friends. Which was amazing! Linda, Brenda, Natalia, Katrina, Rita, Teresa, Karin Deborah, Nataly and Pat. I hope I named everyone!    All in all just a great trip and now my ears are perked up to see what comes out next. I am really wanting to go to Country Sampler! Anyone been?  If you have made it to the end of this post. I thank you for bearing with me and thank you for visiting me too! 

Blessings my friends!

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Two Wonderful June Finishes!

First,  the most awesome finish of all! My daughter graduated from high school this past week! So excited for her and for what her future holds. I can't believe my second baby is finished with public school and that part of her life is over.  Now she an adult and moving on to the next phase...college!  Current plans are to attend college locally and major in Graphic Design.

This is Alexis with her boyfriend Antwain on graduation day right after she got finished! So happy for her! He is a great guy too, he just graduated as well and will be attending college on a football scholarship a few hours from us. 

Alexis with a few of her friends from her baccalaureate service. It was such a lovely service and the pastor did a beautiful job encouraging and these young adults on their way. I love looking at this photo and seeing seeing all the girls bright shining faces. They are all looking forward to the future and I hope and pray that it filled with happiness, and the purpose that they seek in life! 

Now onto my second June finish...Antique Sampler 1861 by Blackbird Designs from the book In Friendship's Way. I didn't stitch it on the called for mello linen but instead did it on 32 count vintage lentil by Lakeside Linen with the recommended Gentle Arts and Classic Colorwork's  threads. I love it.  I thought about staining it, but as that makes me nervous I will leave it it alone.  This is my first finish of the year, I am sad to say...but hopefully there will be more! Thanks to all who encouraged me on my last post.  I appreciate it and as always I appreciate your stopping by to visit me!

Next month is an exciting month for me, because I am going to Chicago to Tomorrow's Heirlooms for a class with Paulette Stewart of Plum Street Samplers and Jeannette Douglas. Can't wait! Now I am off to find that next project or finish another. Happy Sunday to you!

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Stitching Plans and Dreams 2015

Finally, I am posting,  if  I posted as much as I thought about posting to my blog you would tell me to please stop! Why do I worry about it you say?  I still like blogging, I just feel that I am a boring blogger...that is not to generate any sympathy, but just how I feel. Anyway, lets get on with the program! This post has been hanging in my inbox as a draft for quite some time so bear with me.   So this year, I am not joining the Wipocalypse. I was a terrible participant, as I never kept up with any of the postings. It was fun to see everyone's progress and I also came across some great new blogs. I didn't finish very much this year and blogged even less than last year, however I still love my stitching and I have no plans to stop blogging for the time being. Ha! she says!  I do hope to stitch more and by making this list, hope that it will motivate me! (I am motivated, motivated to buy more!) So, the list is long and for my slow (think tortoise or perhaps slug) self quite crazy! Don't judge-lol!

So without further ado here is my 2015 and beyond dream stitching list (* means they are in progress)

ES Spot Motif Sampler by Of Female Worth*
Away We Ride by Blackbird Designs*
Ohio Treasure by Threadwork Primitives
Christmas Village by Threadwork Primitives
Sleigh Rides and Snowflakes by The Scarlett House
Summer at Hollyberry Farm by Stacy Nash
Thankful Davis by R & R Reproductions*
Margaret Cottam by La D Da*
John Reed 1844 by Forget Me Not in Stitches
Love Thy Neighbor by Plum Street Samplers
On Prudence by Plum Street Samplers
Tombstone Spots by The Primitive Needle*
W: A Mexican Band Sampler by Needlework Press*
Pomegranet Sewing Tray by Stacy Nash
Jack's Bash by Plum Street Samplers
Willow House by Blackbird Designs*
Little Red Chair Sampler by The Scarlett House
Mary Magee by Needlwork Press*
Things Unseen LK Mystery Sampler
Margaret Withrow 1809 By Gigi R.
Autumn Posey by Plum Street Samplers
Spring Delivery by Plum Street Samplers
Diversity in Beer by Ink Circles*
The Gift is Small by Blackbird Designs*
Antique Sampler 1861 by Blackbird Designs*
Stitch Every Day by Hands on Designs
Henrietta Binns by The Scarlett House
Cherry Hollow Sampler by Stacy Nash
African Lady by Corrine Leroy*
The Letter "S" by Nora Corbett

I am sure I could add more to this crazy list, so many beautiful patterns and so little time. Such fun to see in black and white, to hope, dream and perhaps create just a small amount of some of the loveliness on this list.

Now, I still belong to a couple of clubs, Colonial Gathering, The Prim Ladies and Stacy Nash, so I have some kits from last year to throw in the mix, and let's not forget what may come up during the year...
Here are a couple of works in progress that I hope to complete soon!

This is Antique Sampler 1861 by Blackbird Designs from their book In Friendships Way. I am stitching it on 32 count vintage lentil linen by Lakeside with the recommended Gentle Arts and Classic Colorworks threads!

This is Willow House by Blackbird Designs being stitched on a 30 count linen by R&R reproductions. I don't remember the name. It's darker in real life. It's being stitched with Gentle Arts and Weeks Dye Threads 

That's all for now, I hope to be back sooner than later and thanks for visiting if you have lasted this long! Blessings to you!

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Happy February and a Giveaway!

Edited to Add: winner is Annie! Please email me. 

Well friends I had good intentions...lets not go into those. First Happy belated New Year to you! I hope so far that 2015 is treating you wonderfully. Mine has been off to pretty good start and there are exciting things coming up. First my oldest turns 21 in March! Good grief, where does the time go. My daughter graduates in June! So hard to believe I have adult children...surely I am still only 25!

Anyway, I have been wanting to do a giveaway and what better month to do it than the month of love.  So if you are interested I am giving away a 2015 Book of Days calendar and a portable LED light, leave a comment on this post only.  Limited to my US friends (sorry).  Giveaway will run until Sunday Feb 8th and then I will pull a name via the good old random generator.  Up next, I am going to post my super long list of projects and some of my works in progress.  Anyway, be back soon and good luck!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Well it's almost that time again, Christmas is upon us. It seems as I get older the faster it gets here. It's been a bit since I blogged, life has just been busy with work and the kids, you all know how it is. I hope to slow down some, stitch more and hopefully blog more than I did this year. I have been making stitching plans but I will post about that later! Today I am sharing my last finish of the year, Wee Santa 2011 by Heart in Hand Needleart. Stitch on a random 30 count linen with a mixture of Gentle Art and Weeks Dye threads. The buttons came with the pattern. I am not sure how I will finish it just yesterday. My favorite part is his little cone head hat!

These last two pictures are of the kids and I. Caleb on the left is 16, Alexis is 19 and Brandon is 20. This was taken right before we went out to dinner. Love them to pieces!

This one is just the kids...and one of the cats lurking about (Tabasco the Terrible)
We call him that because he terrorizes the other cats!

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas filled with joy and may you have many blessings throughput the new year! Thanks for your visits and friendships! <3 br="">
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Sunday, November 02, 2014

Eek! Where did October go?

I can't believe it's November! Where did October go for goodness sake? It seems as we get older, the time just zips on by. Also, this means that Christmas is next month!  Believe it or not, I have done some Christmas shopping. First, I want to thank everyone that has came by and left a comment in regards to my last post. It meant the world to me!  As to what I have been up to in the mean time, is a whole bunch of work. I am feeling like Grumpy from the Snow White and the bad thing is I am not sure when I will have any significant time off...sigh So, lots of work means very little stitching...and very little finishing of anything.

I did finish this Stacy Nash club piece Freedom from Country Sampler.  I love Stacy Nash and hope to stitch more of her stuff in the future. The kit came with the 30 count fabric and Gentle Art threads. I seem to be out of the current fall season of stitching, but one can never go wrong with a patriotic finish right?

Stacy Nash "Freedom"

Not much going on, I have started many other projects, cause I just love to start things. I will show some of them when I have a little more work done on them. I have been thinking of my project list for next year. Needless to say, it's quite long, but that is the fun of it.  I had joined the Wipocalypse, but I think I will refrain from that next year as I just don't keep up with it. I will leave you a picture of one my cats. This is Kiki, who is quite particular, it took her a long time to love us. She is sitting on one of my new chairs. I laugh, because sometimes I believe they think I bought the furniture for them! I hope your week is wonderful, blessings to you all!

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

A Finish Honoring My Grandmother

Finally here is Hannah Lovina Joslin 1856 by Blackbird Designs all completed! I am honoring my maternal grandmother Vida Mae McCants Salter with this sampler. I absolutely love seeing her name on this and it is one of the many things I love about Blackbird Designs. My grandmother was born December 18, 1904 in Alabama. She was the oldest of 12 children.  Those were very hard times and there wasn't much to be had.  She worked in the fields as a child and made about 10 cents a day. She only completed school until about the 8th grade, because she needed to help out at home with the other children and chores. She met and married my grandfather Mack Travis Salter in 1929.  She worked in the homes of others and when not doing that she was taking care of her family.. She went on the have 12 children of her own, of which 3 boys went to heaven. My mom is her youngest child and namesake. 

I became close to my grandmother as a baby, when she cared for me while my mom was in college. I stayed with her till I was about 4 years old. One summer, when I was about 15-16 I was tasked with taking care of my grandmother.  She had been ill and my family left me to stay with her till they could get some things organized. I was responsible for her meals, medications and general care. For me it was no hardship, and I firmly believe that moment in time that summer cemented my desire to be a nurse. I must admit to being scared and thinking that my family was nuts to leave me with her, but I took my job seriously because I couldn't let her down. I will never forget that summer. 

My grandmother died when I was 18 of cancer. I wish that we had had more time together.  Now that I am older I think of all the things I should have asked and talked to her about. Things that at the time I was too young to appreciate and understand the significance of. Things that I miss from our time together are fresh tomato sandwiches and egg custard pies. Two of her sister's didn't live far from her and we would walk to visit them. Also, every time we went into town, I could con her into getting me a small toy from the five and dime store ;-)  I miss her more than I can say. 

This is she and I. most likely when I was a little over a year old,  sometime in 1967.  We don't have a lot of pictures of my grandmother for some reason. I love the way my finger clutches hers.

That is my grandmother smiling the pink dress with the bun on top of her head. This was in 1976 at a family reunion and she is surrounded by two of her sisters and three of her brothers. I love this picture! Also, I get a kick out of seeing those seventies clothes too.

This last picture is most likely from 1979, and is probably the last formal picture we have of my grandmother. If you have made it to the end here, I appreciate your reading about someone that was and is still very special to me. Thank you!