Saturday, July 17, 2010

Just a quick post!

Just a quick drive by posting here. I keep meaning to post and time just gets away from me. This The Mercantile by LHN which I have been working on. I am doing it on 30 count Irish Creme linen by R and R with Crescent and GAST colors. I have been enjoying it! I also have a new loose feather's start Spring Fling which is simply gorgeous and when I get a little more on that I will show it to you. Bluebird's Message is essentially finished I just need to add a few more eyelets to it.

The summer is flying by and the kids and I are working on some home improvements such as painting and purging. I am getting new living room furniture and I have all these plans for rearranging. Let's pray they come to fruition. It's also time to start the dreaded back to school shopping. I am taking each child separately because when they are all together I fear for my peace of mind! Have a blessed weekend and as always thanks for stopping by!