Friday, August 10, 2012

Another foray into needlepoint....

Yes, I have gone and jumped into the deep end of the pool! ! I saw this gorgeous needlepoint canvas by  Patt and Lee Designs and thought I really had want to try that. So, I ordered the canvas and it has taken about 6 weeks to come to me because it had to be painted. I absolutely love these colors. I would love to start it but since I have no idea what to do, I will have to wait until I can get a friend to help. That friend is Sherri, who is the queen of all things crafty.  She can do it all and she has agreed to help me learn how to do this. Please pray for Sherri's patience as I am sure I will sorely try it! I have tried counted canvas twice before and suffice to say it didn't work out for me. Hopefully, this won't be an expensive endeavor in futility!

Now, cross stitch is my true love, so trust me when I say that is not going to stop. Though I am a little frustrated today because I am working on Sarah's House by Blackbird Designs and that border and I are at odds. It's not meeting like it should and whose fault would that be! LOL  Stitching unhappiness is when your borders don't meet up like they should!

Been getting the kids ready for school again, and running to doctor's appointments, plus working like crazy.  So that is why I have been quiet,  I don't have any projects close to being finished-so you will probably
being seeing lots of wip photo's for the time being!  It also doesn't help, that I am jumping between several projects, but hey! they eventually get finished right?

Thanks for the comments on my mom and her piece she stitched for me! I appreciate them and so does she. My mom is pretty special, but I guess everyone's is special too! LOL

Blessings my friends!