Sunday, December 09, 2012

Ornament Finishing!

Here is Santa doing a little modeling for me with my ornament finishes and finishing! First up is Joy to Ewe by Chessie and Me. It was a small kit with threads and fabric. My poor little sheep is supposed to be fluffy-however Sharon and the French knots did not get along. But, I think he is still cute. I finished it into a pin keep ornament. 

Up next is a little kit I got from a store in Wyoming called Ewe Count. I can't remember the name of the pattern but it was a gift pattern done by Samsarah for their store. I saw it someone else's blog and called and ordered it. I just liked it mainly because of the cute boot button and that it was by Samsarah. I finished it simply as a flat ornament with a chenille hanger.  Also, if you haven't tried the chenille trim by R and R you should, I love it!

This next one you have seen before, it's my Bedford Falls ornament by The Sampler Girl and I believe it's my favorite of the three. I just love the colors and I added a few jingle bells at the top. You know an angel gets their wings every time you hear a bell-though probably not a jingle bell-LOL

That's it for now, I have 4 more to finish and I keep promising to show my Sarah's House and I will. I just wanted to get these posted. I have finished Christmas to just finish a little shopping. How are your Christmas preparations going?

Have a blessed Sunday friends!