Friday, April 21, 2006

It's the weekend!

It's the weekend and I have four days off and I hope to get a lot of stitching done. Today I worked on alphabet soup by Brightneedle today, but I did not accomplish very much. I will work on it and my Raise the Roof designs this weekend. Today, I ordered petal fairy by Miribilia and I am gathering supplies for Spanish geometrical sampler. I love starting new projects. I have seriously considered rotation stitching, but with the way I work I don't think that I would be able to follow it very well. I like the joy of stitching spontaneously on whatever says "work on me, you know you want too" LOL Today, I had to take my big boy cat Silver to the vet. His left eye was swollen and draining and just yucky! The vet said he had an upper resp. infection and he received an injection of antibiotics and some eye ointment. I am going to go stitch and maybe peruse the online needlework show one more time. Have a good weekend.