Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy "belated" Thanksgiving

Well, here I am-late as usual. My excuse is that I was working and sleeping. You know the hospital is always open. I hope everyone who was celebrating Thanksgiving had a happy and blessed one. Mine was good despite the working. Not any stitching though. I did go out for just a little bit to shop today-I never go on black Friday. But, today lo and behold I found a couple of items for the kids I just couldn't live without. So, I braved the crowds and they were huge-you would have thought it was free-LOL

Below is a picture of my new kitten-Midnight. She has parked herself on my bed-they know the best places-LOL Isn't she sweet?

This is the new Mirabilia-South Seas mermaid-that I have just started. It will be my first Mirabilia. I have always thought the mermaids were beautiful, but this particular mermaid just really caught my eye. I love the colors and I am going to do it on PTP Jade. I will post a picture when I have more to show. Hope everyone has a great weekend and lots of great stitching.