Friday, October 19, 2007

You Make Me Smile.....

This week I was the recpient of not one but two smile awards from two lovely ladies Jamie from Lavender and Lace Stitches and Tracy of The Passion of My Needle. They both make me smile and it was really great of them to think of me. I am glad to know that I only terrorize my kids-LOL This obviously brought a smile to my face and it's nice to know you touch other's. So, enough of my yakking, you have to pass this on to ten other people-which I find very hard to do and even if I don't say you specifically-know that you ALL touch me everyday by your comments,friendships, fabulous stitching and your blogs.

Mercy Pretty in Pink

Debby Stitch Wizard

Myrna Still Living in Wonderland

Monique My Mark Designs

Mary Kathyrn The Happy Stitcher

Meari Meari's Musings

Jinger Rae of Sunshine Stitches

Lauren I'll Cross That Stitch When I Come to It

Michelle Ozark Stitching

Lilli Another Cross Stitch Addict


J Rae said...

Thanks for the award! You are such a sweetie!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Thank you sweetheart! You make me smile too and I just love ya to pieces!

monique said...

Thank you , Sharon! I wimped out on doing my award list because (1) many I would have chosen were already nominated and (2) I couldn't figure out who to leave off LOL

You make me smile, too :)

Novice Stitcher said...

You definitely deserve the award - you have such an enjoyable blog! And it's fun to see the blogs you chose to give it to - now I have a lot more stitchers to visit!

Lili said...

I'm late for the awards! Just found out the whole thing and I can't tell how touched I am that you thought of me for this one! YOU are the one who brings a smile on my face so often, with your beautiful stitching and -most of all- with your ever nice posts and comments, Sharon. I think an award for kindness should be created as well... You'd be a winner too...
I'm off to read the posts I've missed.
Lots of hugs and a special shy but happy smile just for you. Thank you.

Lauren said...

Aww, thank you so much! I really appreciate it! You definitely make me smile, too - especially your wonderfully purple blog! :)

Stitch Wizard said...

Your dragon is just really cute and your stitching is just awesome!! You did such a great job on this!! What count fabric did you do it on? I want to stitch a dragon in the future and wondered if it would fit in a small area. Good luck on your oral surgery!! That doesn't sound like much fun!! I guess you and I are having turns with the doctors these days!! Good luck with yours!!


Meari said...

Thanks for the award!! :)