Friday, November 30, 2007

Dreams and Life......

Long time no post! Life here has been very busy and I will get into that in a minute. But first, here is dreams by M Designs all framed. I finished this in 2006 using passion waterlilies silk thread. I don't recall the color of the linen. It was little hard for me to pick framing for because of the colors. I used double matting in the same colors and picked a dark green frame. It turned out better than I thought it would. The second photo is not a stitching finish but a lovely little print that I got from the Etsy store and had framed. I liked the colors and the simplicity of the design.

Now, as for life. November has been sort of a poor month for me. First, all the trouble with my teeth. Then the day after Thanksgiving, my daughter Alexis had a severe sickle cell crisis and she was hospitalized for four days. We had a terrible time in emergency room as I thought they took entirely too long to effectively manage her care and get her any pain relief. Twelve long hours later, they had her on a morphine pump and finally the beginnings of some relief. But, of course I had to show off my nasty side. It's ridiculous when a child is involved and they are in pain to take that long. Thankfully, she is better now and at home.

I know that I have never spoken of her condition before as we haven't had a major crisis in about 3-4 years. She has hemoglobin SC disease which is usually a much milder form of sickle cell anemia. But, she can have pain crisis's too. Her condition was something we found out only after she was born. My oldest son is okay and my youngest has sickle cell trait. Then on top of this work and more work. I even worked when Alexis was in the hospital and ran between her floor and my floor while on duty. So, needless to say, very limited stitching here. I am almost finished seasonal exchange though. So, I have accomplished a little something. Anyway, things in life could be much worse. I hope to post more soon. Take care and have a great weekend!