Saturday, April 05, 2008

African Woman Finished!

Finally finished African Woman the other day! So, a little dancing here in Florida! I don't know why I was dragging my feet about doing her feet!LOL I finished her in my Tuesday night stitching group. Hi to Sherri if you are reading this post! Anyway, she is by French designer Bleu de Soie . This designer does quite a few things-not just ethnic designs. So, you should take a look see-you may find something you like! AW is done on 32 count apple brown bindy with dmc thread. The lovely thing about her she is done with full cross stitches. The next picture is also by the same designer and it's the design I going to stitch as the companion piece to AW. This is African woman and child. I haven't quite decided on the fabric for her yet. So she is not started! Could I have been that skinny after childbirth?

This next piece is by another French designer called Corinne Leroy and the pattern is called African Beauties. I only have a little to show as I just started. They are being done on Silkweaver limited edition 32 ct tawny sparkle. A lovely creamy opalescent with mottled rose or mauve through it. It is being stitched with dmc variations 4130.

Now, if you are still here reading, this month I will have been blogging for two years on the seventeenth of April. So, on the tenth I will post a couple of giveaways with the winners being drawn on my blog anniversary date. So be on the lookout for that! Have a great week and happy stitching!