Thursday, June 05, 2008

Spring Exchange for Carol

Here the last seasonal exchange 0f the 2007-2008 year for Carol . A design by Les grilles de Maryse called spring is in the air. It was a fun stitch and I finished it into a pinkeep with a dark purple fabric on the back. The pins I dyed with a green metallic like paint-a first. I also used a bow technique that Andrea from The Craft Room had highlighted on her blog. I have truly enjoyed stitching for Carol this past year and putting together these exchanges.

Other than that working on a personal exchange after much decision about thread colors as it is a monochrome exchange. I am also working on the house in small spurts-cleaning closets etc. The children are out of school and terrorizing their poor mama-already cries of "I'm bored", "I'm hungry" are floating into my little ears. Children anyone? anyone? LOL Thanks for all the comments on my daydream piece-I am continuing to work on that and hope to have a finish soon. Anyway I am off to be terrorized err loved some more. Happy stitching!