Saturday, October 25, 2008

More Monsterbubbles' Finishing!

Happy Saturday to all. It is absolutely gorgeous here in Northwest Florida today-a little cool and so sunny. I love days like this! Here is dye-a limited edition kit from Nashville by Monsterbubbles. A cute little kit-it came with a piece of white fabric that I dyed with some blueberry kool-aid that was also included in the kit. It made a great color didn't it? Anyway, I finished it into a hanger and inspired by Jinger's use of fun fir I just couldn't resist adding some to this one. Monsterbubbles is wild and wacky so it fit perfectly. I have this hanging on my buffet-so it's a little hard to see the fur(the picture is clickable and you can see it better). Anyway, not much else going on-have to go to work tonight to help support my habit and other addictions-LOL Have a great day!

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