Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy and safe Halloween. My kids and I aren't doing too much this one. This as you see is an old finish for me from 2004 called Hat's Off to Halloween by Lizzie Kate. Hat's has been languishing in my finished box till now. It is done on a Heatherfield linen with Gentle Arts threads. It is framed with no glass and a little puff under it. It's one of my first pieces where I learned how to use over dyed thread. I'd like to think that I have grown some since I first stitched this piece.

This is Moon Witch a free pattern from The Primitive Needle. I just love her as well. I can't remember what fabric she is on but, she is stitched in over dyed threads.

Up next for me is a blog makeover. Since blogrolling is shutting it's doors my blog links may not work for a bit. I am on a wait list for The Design Girl to redo my blog as I am seriously challenged when it comes to adding and deleting things on here. So please bear with me if you notice links not working.

I have finally gotten the last two Blackbird pieces framed and will show you those the next post as well as my modest sampler wall.

Anyway, have a great Halloween!