Saturday, October 09, 2010

Spring Fling Finish

I finished up Spring Fling by Blackbird Designs today. It's Loose Feather's Number 13. I used the recommended 30 count Glen Ellyn Blend fabric with Gentle Arts threads. This makes sampler number 5 for my wall. I did have a dye lot issue with my dried thyme and avocado, was able to work out the avocado but unable to fix the thyme which is a little annoying.

Coming up next is retreat and I have started several new projects which are Old Settlement, Halloween ABC's and Halloween Garden. I am hoping to start Jenny Bean's Friendship Sampler. I am also in the process of kitting up This is Christmas by RTR.

Thanks for all the fantastic comments on my framing. My favorite would have to be Quaker Garden out of them all, with ROWmance running a close second.

Also, stay tuned for a stitchy giveaway to celebrate my 20th year of nursing! Have a blessed weekend!