Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Project ADD...

is what I am suffering from these days! Lord only knows when I will finish a project because I keep jumping around. These aren't the only two I have going. I am working on a couple of Samsarah projects and I am doing another Loose Feather's called Moon Garden. I couldn't get a decent picture of Moon Garden to show you. I have had fun working on my projects-hopefully there will be some finishes sooner rather than later. Anyway, I am still around, just busy working and with the kids. Brandon turned 17 and he goes to hopefully to get his operator's license next week. Florida driver's beware! LOL So, here is a peek at my small progress and thanks for stopping by!

Summer Jubilee by Blackbird Designs on 30 count Dolphin fabric with GAST fibers. Love, love this one!

Magic Garden Sampler progress, not much but some.

My fur baby Stoli