Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Framing and Updated Sampler Wall

Winter's Delivery by Blackbird Designs. I love this one. Had a framing mishap I believe. The framer cleaned my piece and the beautiful Vatican Red bled of course. So my creams in the piece became rosy. I was not happy, needless to say. I have thought about taking it apart and redoing the cream in it. But at present plan to leave it for now.

Summer House by Blackbird Designs. I highlighted the initial of my maiden name as the pattern suggested which is the "G" for Green.

The current sampler wall for now. Hopefully, I will add more soon. This has not been my year for finishing anything! But,a girl can dream right? It looks more like a Blackbird Design wall doesn't it? Next up getting close to a Lizzie Kate Santa finish!