Monday, February 06, 2012

Elenor Ferrow Update and Thanks

Here is an updated progress picture of Elenor Ferrow 1842. I have been thoroughly enjoying this one and I am hoping that I can get her finished in the next couple of weeks. When you first saw her, I only had 2-3 lines done at the top. I have been making more of a concerted effort to stitch and trying not to be too tempted by new distractions (i.e. new patterns)though I am really liking this one Coffee Compendium by Tempting Tangles and done in Belle Soie silks. So far I have been able to resist, I must resist...LOL

Thanks for all your welcoming comments for Tabasco! He has been a lot of fun and is settling in nicely. He has bonded really well with my other male cat Kojack and they often snuggle together. Here he is below smack dab in the middle of my laptop. Of course, I was looking at cross stitch threads, so maybe his interference will help save me a little money! Ha!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a blessed week!