Saturday, May 05, 2012

An Amazing Visit to Shakespeare's Peddler

This Friday, I went on a stitching trip with my monthly stitching group organized by Jinger! It was wonderfully relaxing. We started in Ocean Springs, MS arriving around lunchtime and ate at this delicious little Italian placed called. Al Fresco. Where I had some yummy crab cakes!   Then we did just a tiny bit of window shopping and browsing in a lovely antique store. Then it was off to the cross stitch store called ThreadNeedle Street. It was very nice and we browsed for a while there. I was very good and only bought some threads. Then we took off to Hattiesburg, MS which is where Shakespeare's Peddler was located. However, we weren't going to Theresa's shop till the next morning. So that left dinner, which was at another great eatery called Crescent City Grill. I had  fried green tomatoes and shrimp and grits. Excellent place to eat if you ever go to Hattiesburg! They about had to roll us all up out of there-we were so stuffed!

Back at the hotel we were able to get together and stitch for awhile before we called it a night! The next morning we were up bright and early for breakfast and then off to Shakespeare's Peddler.  Theresa's shop was jam packed with goodies and we spent about 2 1/2 hours there. Trust me when I say all our pockets were considerably lighter when we left ;-)  I also,got to meet a couple more fellow bloggers, which is always wonderful. I got to meet Jen of Jen's Stitching Projects. She helps Theresa out in her shop. Lucky girl! I also got to meet Jen's sister Sharon of Clarkey's Projects & Hobbies. Jen, thanks so much for your help today! Theresa,  it was a fantastic visit and we hope it won't be our last!

Sherri, me, Emily, Jinger, Liz, Cindy, Judy and Theresa front and center!

I did take some pictures of the shop, but I used my new iphone and let's say a sister doesn't know how to work it! So, Jen this would be why you don't see your picture or more of Theresa, I managed to hit the video button when I took hers and some of my pictures were blurred oy! These last two pictures are of Tabasco, I got Tabasco from Theresa-so here he is a bit bigger.  See how handsome he is Theresa!

I will try to show you all some of my stash that I got this trip on my next post (think Shakespeare's Peddler-LOL) Hope your weekend is a great one!