Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WIPocalypse #1

The month of January has almost gotten away from me. It has been a very busy month filled with appointments, work and the topper of the month was Alexis being hospitalized for a sickle cell crisis. Fortunately, it was a brief stay and she is better. Though still with the occasional pain. This
fickle weather doesn't help either. Hot in the morning and cool at night!  Anyway, I digress  as I here for the very first WIPocaplyse posting. I have been stitching amazingly enough even with all that's being going on.

First up is Tulip Manor by Blackbird Designs. It's being stitched on a random piece of 30 count R and R linen with the recommended threads!  I have been working on this piece for awhile, just picking it up when I felt like it and then it just started calling my name. I hope to have this one finished by the next posting. 

Next up is another Blackbird piece Sarah's House. I had been promising to show this one for at least a couple of posts and finally here it be. Not much more on it either. It's being stitched on 
30 count Abecedarian blend with recommended cotton threads by Gentle Arts. The frog has visited me a few times on this piece and I became a little frustrated hence it's unfinished state. However, I will finish this soon as I love the pattern and the colors.  I am sorry for the less than stellar pictures but I wanted to get these in. I am off for a little stitching adventure tomorrow, more to come on that! Have a blessed week friends!