Sunday, March 03, 2013

A Finish and WIPocalypse #2

This busy year is continuing to fly by. I had every intention of posting in February, but it got away from me obviously. This is my Tulip Manor finish which is a Loose Feather's #7 by Blackbird Designs. I had been stitching on this one off and on for awhile just enjoying it. I made a few changes, I left off the smyrna stitches because they seemed to bulky and I added my mom's initials to the right side. I think I reported earlier that this was a 30 count fabric, but I believe it's 32 instead. I used the recommended threads. It will be framed and go on my sampler wall. This also will complete one from my WIPocalypse list.

Tulip Manor by Blackbird Designs

I recently went on a stitching retreat with my local stitching friends organized by the lovely Jinger. That was my little adventure. We went to Orlando for a few days to check out the stitching and knitting shops. The first stop was Brick City Cross Stitch in Ocala Florida. Then it was on to Orlando. We stayed at a lovely resort, ate great food, went shopping (can we say Vera Bradley Outlet) and of course stitched! I didn't get any good pictures. We were a little disappointed with selection of fabric and some patterns. I decided I was spoiled because the thread prices were really marked up 25 t0 55 cents per skein depending on where you bought it. I have never paid that much per skein, so needless to say I didn't buy but a couple skeins that I needed to finish one of my patterns.

This last picture is a new start called Queen of Quite a Lot by The Scarlett House. I feel like that most days, don't you? I just picked up another random piece of 30 R and R linen and I am stitching it with DMC instead of NPI silks. I hope to get it finished soon. I do have some other projects I have started, but not enough to show. I did start Frances Pool by With My Needle and Thread, love it! I also am working on a Prim Sister's club pattern by Pineberry Lane. Thanks for all your well wishes for my daughter, we still have occasional pain but nothing like before. I appreciate your kind words and concern.

I am off to stitch, I am thinking I may have me a Criminal Minds marathon day with my stitching. I hope your Sunday is a good one!