Sunday, May 11, 2014

Kitty Cat Row Finish...

After much procrastination, I finished Kitty Cat Row by Bent Creek.  I really could have finished this ages ago but...I really don't have a good excuse! LOL It is stitched on 32 count Earthen linen by Picture This Plus fabric and I used Dinky Dyes Silk threads. Stitch count 275 x 23. I had found this conversion for the silks on the Australian Stitches and Spice shop website, however I didn't want to pay that much for it and have to pay shipping from Australia. So looking at their picture I went through Dinky Dyes thread pictures on 123 Stitch and picked the colors as close as I could to theirs.  Not an exact match of course, but I like it.  I really like the funky cat as I call it (cat #5). I will eventually get it framed and hang it in my laundry area.  The piece was supposed to have 2 little stitched mice, however I opted to add some butterfly buttons I had instead. Sorry the picture is a little cut off at the end, it was not easy to photograph.

I hope your Mother's Day was terrific. Happy Mother's Day to everyone. I made my mom a German Chocolate cake and spent the day over to her house. It was a nice and relaxing day. Anyway, it's on to something else now, millions of other projects waiting in the wings!  Have a blessed week my friends!