Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Beginnings

Well, here it is the last day of the year. No special plans for me-maybe a small drink and a movie tonight. Maybe a new start-those are always good. Here is a new beginning by Abbey Lane Designs. It is designed by Sue Gastler who recently passed away. I saw this design on Confessions of a Stitch Wraith. She had changed her colors to various silk varigeted threads and I just fell in love with it. She is using all Vikki Clayton silks. So, while perusing Vikki's site I came across her singing the blues assortment. I just adored all the colors and thought this would be a great choice to stitch this pattern in. I am doing it on 32 count cream linen. I may mix some purples in too.

As for 2007, I would like to finish a couple of ufo's and continue grow and learn in my stitching. This year I did grow a lot more as related to my finishing and I hope to continue to grow stronger in that. I thought I would list my 2006 finishes here. They are as follows:
1. A Name above Every Name
2. Open a New Box Daily
3. Quaker Hedgehog
4. Coffee Menu
5. Diva
6. Dream Tree
7. My Cone Runneth Over
8. A Good Night Santa
9. Basking in the Sun
11.Linen Heart
12.Summer Suits Me
13.I Love My Carbs
14.Tribal Beauties
15.Portrait of a Cat(scissor fob)
16.Goddess Heart
17.Peaches Fruit pack
18.Apples Fruit pack(still working on my scissor fob)

I certainly finished more than I did last year-I think I completed six items. I hoped to finish more, but I am fairly pleased with this amount. So, to new beginnings and a new year, I wish all my stitching friends health and happiness in the coming year as well as fantastic stitching.