Monday, December 04, 2006

It's beginning to look like Christmas

at my house. We got the tree up yesterday. Now to complete the lights on the front of the house and all the decorating will be done! I have had to pull Midnight out of the tree about three times this morning-LOL. I hope her fascination with the tree ends soon.

Still not too much productive stitching going on around here due to work. This is the last week of working extra and hopefully I can concentrate on stitching and finishing up my Christmas shopping. This is one of my current WIP's-apples fruit pack by LHN. I am doing it over one and it's my first time doing that. I like how it looks=terrible strain on my eyes. I hope to turn into a scissor fob.

This is another WIP's called Ladies with Baskets that I started. It is by Hanne's Needlecraft and I got it from Stitches and Spice in the land of down under. It's very colorful and you know me-I am all about bold colors. Thanks to all of you on the fabulous comments I received on my finished finishes. I treasure them all. Got to go-I think Midnight's in the tree again-this may be a long holiday season-LOL