Sunday, March 11, 2007

A New Beginning Progress Pic

Here is a progress picture on a new beginning. I really wish I could stitch faster as I really like this piece. Those motifs however are a little more intensive than I thought. When I last posted a picture I had completed the middle motif and was working on the letter B. I have bumped SS mermaid and I have decided to stitch on this one on Tuesday's as I find this more relaxing. Forgive the wrinkles please.
Thanks for the comments on my Lizzie Kate finish. I am going to frame those and put into my kitchen-they will go perfectly.

Now, this next picture is of my oldest child Brandon. He turned thirteen yesterday and as you can see I have been torturing the children with taking picture of them and their cakes. It's hard to believe he is now a teen. Yes, he has noticed girls can I say?(Oh my God!), he is taller than me and of course thinks he knows everything. I have no MasterCard commercial for him-there is not enough credit on MasterCard to get him what he wants-which is everything-LOL