Thursday, June 14, 2007

My new needle holder...

This needle holder was a special little delivery for me. I had long be admiring Debby's husband's woodworking on her blog Stitch Wizard . He had made a gorgeous ring holder for her and a needle holder too. So, when he considered selling the needle holders, I knew I wanted one. Isn't it lovely? It is very smooth and he even sent a little card with it to tell me what type of wood he used. This particular wood is called Tamboti and is considered rare. It is usually used for small fancy articles or high grade furniture. Thanks Jerry and Debby-I love it.

In Brandon news-NO SURGERY! Yay! We saw the MD this morning, unbelievably we were the eighth person to sign in at 7:15 am. Brandon was very fortunate in the fact that this particular bone when it fractures breaks in two. But, his just split up the middle. If it had broken completely, we would have been looking at a big surgery with plates and screws. So, a cast for three weeks and then he has to take it easy for a little longer. All, I can say is thank God! Thanks to all of you too for your concern and well wishes.