Sunday, July 29, 2007

A break in stitching for........knitting

Yes, knitting. Now I don't knit though I wish I could. I could learn-but I am afraid of becoming obsessed with another craft-LOL However, Jo has fed my interest of knitting with those absolutely lovely felted bags she makes. Recently she linked the She-Knits store on Where you can purchase patterns and also purchase bags. I actually custom ordered the bag you see pictured below in the colors of pink and chocolate. It is called the double loop tote bag. A lovely lady also named Sharon owns this store. She did a beautiful job-don't you think? She was also very quick in getting me my order. Anyway, if you want lovely handcrafted items, the Etsy store is a great place to start.

Meari, has tagged me for the 5 things meme-so here we go!

5 Things I wish to do before I die:
1.See my children settled into life and happy
2.Travel in the United States
3.Work Less
4.Retire comfortably
5.Just enjoy life

5 Things I can do well:
1.Great listener
2.cross stitch
3.good friend

5 Things I can't do well
4.lie (not that I want to do that well-LOL)
5.yard work-absolutely hate it

5 Celebrity Crushes
1.Denzel Washington
2.Johnny Depp
3.Vincent D'Onofrio
4.Will Smith
5.Clint Eastwood

Now, I won't tag people individually, however if you want to join the fun-go for it! I haven't forgotten the stash. I will post it soon. Have a great week!


BlissxStitches said...

The bags look wonderful! What do you mean that you can't sew? What do you think your stitching is? LOL

Barbara said...

That's a GREAT bag! :D

Marita said...

I love the bag. The colours are fantastic.

Knitting is one of those crafts I'm waiting to learn once my children are grown up and I have a little more free time - well thats the theory, we will see how reality turns out.

Bets said...

Very cute bag! I know what you mean about starting another hobby, it is so tempting sometimes.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

What lovely bags she makes! I never enjoyed knitting although I learned how to do it.

Isabelle said...

What a beautiful bag! Etsy just rocks.

Lillie said...

Beautiful indeed and sweet color too.

Michelle said...

What a gorgeous bag! I love the colors!! I've been enjoying the She-Knits podcast since Jo linked to it!

Dawn said...

I love the bag! Gorgeous colors, too!

Lauren said...

That's beautiful! I loooove the colors! And it matches your blog theme, too :)

Hazel said...

Nice bag. I'm not a great knitter either althoguh I am doing a few bits for the new baby but I daren't post up pics as people will prob laugh!! xx

Cheryl said...

Great bag!

June said...

What a scrummy bag - very pretty!

Lina said...

That bag is lovely!
There's always another wonderful craft out there, isn't there? I know how to crochat and quilt and do a bit of both occasionally, but not nearly as much as I would like to. There just isn't enought time! :)

sugardoll said...

Oh wow, how very carribean!! I love it!! You did an excellent job!! woo hoo!!

choko said...

Your bag is perfect!!Nice color!

And...I like actor ,too.Denzel Washington,Johnny Depp!I watched his "PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN world end" just recently.He is so cute!!

Karin said...

Love the bag - isn't Etsy great!

Anita said...

It is so pretty. It is great to take a break from stitching sometimes. I love your exchange pinkeep.

Stitch Wizard said...

Hi Sharon:

Oh those bags look just beautiful!! THat bag looks like all your neat colors here in your blog!! I knitted a tiny bit back when I was 20 but it was for covers on a cast I had from an ankle fracture and I knitted one for each outfit I had and then put on a pom pom on top. I have forgotten most of how to do it now but there are some really pretty yarns out there nowdays! I will love seeing what you make!!

Dianne said...

Purdy! I love the colors a lot.
Now Rachael, a fellow stitcher who is doing the NRR with us, knits up a storm-esp socks. I am more of a crocheter, though I don't do that hardly at all. I have to be in the mood.

Cathy said...

Sometimes I wish I could knit too, but like you, I don't need another craft!

Great bag - your color choices are right in style!

stitcherw said...

Very cute bag, love the color combination.

quiltorstitch said...

That bag is so pretty, it looks wonderful :D

Myrna said...

Hi Sharon,

I love the new look of your blog!

I have one of those felted bags... I love it!

Thanks for thinking of me... I hope to be back to regular blogging soon.