Sunday, July 05, 2009

Summer Exchange for Myrna

Myrna has let me know that she has received her last seasonal exchange so I can safely post now. This is Hide and Seek by Brittercup Designs made into a flat fold. I left off the words and the backing fabric is red and white gingham. I decided just to keep it very simple and added just a bow to the side. I think watermelons are very much a part of summer and thought this was really cute especially since Myrna has a trio of black cats. The second picture is the rest of the exchange. I went with a little patriotic theme. I hope you will enjoy it Myrna!

How was every one's holiday? Mine was pretty good-spent the day with the kids and and took them to the movies to see Transformers 2. It's back to work for me today-though only for one day and then off for three!