Saturday, September 05, 2009

A Little Progress......

I find it hard to believe that I haven't posted here in two months! Anyone miss me? LOL Life has been busy, getting the kids ready for school. Very little stitching has went on-I have been distracted with all the kid related stuff and reading more. Now that's not to say I haven't been stashing some because I can not tell a lie-LOL

I am working slowly on The Simple Things by Blackbird Designs. So you can see a little more progress now. You can see previous progress if you scroll down this page a bit. Sorry about the wrinkles. I have also spent some time going through my stash and thinking about what I really want to stitch. I don't have any concrete ideas-but at least my stuff is a bit better organized. I am also excited because there is a market this month and that means lots of new stuff! Also, the new Gingher scissors come out and not to forget the ornament magazine too!

I had considered not blogging anymore but I can't as blogging has been a beautiful source of friendship, fun and inspiration! Thank you all for your continued support, friendship and visits! Below is a wonderful ceramic teapot that I bought from Etsy. It is by a lovely artist called Karin and you can find out more about her at Karin's Art. It is such a fun piece that I thought I would show it to you! Anyway, I have yakked enough! I am going to run for now! Have a great holiday weekend!