Friday, April 23, 2010

This is Live Simply by Stone and Thread. I just love these little patterns. It was stitched on 30 count WDW gold. This actually was a little kit that came with Valdani threads but I hated the thread. I could never get the thread to lay right and it just generally looked yucky, so I restarted this piece using GAST and WDW thread and was more pleased with the result! This and Live Humbly will be framed. Life otherwise is pretty boring, which I guess is a good thing. I and the kids are more than ready for school to be over with. No more early days and no more homework.

Currently, I am stitching on a Heart in Hand pattern called XOXO. I will soon be finished as it's a small pattern. It is for my Valentine ornament tree of which I am laboring under the delusion that I will be able to have next year! Ha! I guess I can dream! As always, thanks for you continued visits. Have a great weekend.