Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Framing and First Day of School

This is Live Simply and Live Humbly by Stone and Thread I think they are no longer designing). I had them framed and they will be included on my sampler wall. I actually have had them framed for a bit but forgot to post them. When I get Summer House and Winter's Delivery back I will show an updated photo of my sampler wall I am constantly looking for more samplers to stitch which as you all know is not hard for me to do-LOL

Brandon, Lawrence and Alexis

The kids got off to school and had a pretty good first day. Alexis started high school, she looks fairly excited I think. I spent the evening filling out the multitude of papers that the school bequeaths us parents. Caleb refused to take a first day of school picture-the stinker! I am praying the kids will have a great year! It's nice to have a little me time back during the day. Anyway, I am off! Have a great week!