Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy New Year and a Finish!

Well here we are 13 day's into the new year and I finally getting around to updating my blog. First, Happy New Year to you all. We had a wonderfully blessed Christmas with family and friends. Spent too much of course, but don't we all? Now onto a new year that will see my son turn 18(OMG!), and looking forward to a 7 day cruise later in the year sans children Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Mexico!

I also hope to have a better stitching year than last. I had very few finishes last year, and though I try to take joy in the journey, I do like the sense of accomplishment of finishing things. Stitching plans for me include samplers, samplers and ornaments. Did I mention samplers? LOL I also want to blog more-so we will see how it goes.

My first small finish of the year is Humble Gratitude by 4 My Boys, stitched on 32 cream linen I believe with the required GAST. I am not sure how I will finish, may have it framed. The sentiment is how I feel about life, I have a humble gratitude for my family, job, and people the Lord has brought unto me in this life and will remain forever grateful. I never want to take anyone or anything for granted!

Anyway, if anyone would like this chart. The first person who comments and asks for it will receive it. I will send it anywhere. (Chart has been spoken for!)

In other wonderful news, I am adding a new cat to my family and you can see him on her blog
here. Theresa, from Shakespeare's Peddler fosters kittens needing new homes and I fell in love with him and lucky me gets to have him come and live with me and the kids in about a week or so. We can't wait! His name is Wren, though that will probably change once we get him. I am leaning towards Tabasco...

Now if you have made it through all that, thank you! I am not usually so wordy. I look forward to hearing from you and thanks for visiting!