Monday, July 28, 2014

A few things to share...

from the magically fast needle of Sherri. She has finished a couple more of my African ladies for me. This makes African lady number 4 and she is halfway through number 5.  Then the series will be complete. I love this one because of the vibrant colors in her. At first, I must admit I thought she was a a bit bold, but she has grown on me and may be my favorite.  She is done on Week's 30 count cocoa with DMC thread. 

This is the third African lady below is called Ocean Wave. She is also stitched on a Weeks Dye Works linen-lilac I believe is the color. Unfortunately, the color washed out in the photo. It is also stitched in DMC.  As always, a very big thanks to Sherri!  Please forgive me for the pictures, these are not the best as they are from my phone camera. I can't find my battery charger for my camera! Hence some of the discolorations you see towards the bottoms of the pieces...meh!

Lastly, I sent a couple of pieces off the Faye (Carolina Stitcher) to be finished into project bags and these lovelies are what she sent back! She chose the fabrics. I asked for the applique because I love the way it looks. She did a wonderful job and I know I will enjoy using these. 

I still haven't completed my Hannah Joslin, but I am getting closer. I was hoping to have a finish before the end of the month. It's safe to say that wont happen. I have been working like a mad fool and my daughter was in the hospital for 6 very long days with a sickle cell crisis. Thankfully, she is better and I have slacked down on the work. It has been a very busy month. I am starting a small vacation tomorrow, can't wait and I am going to The Attic's Summer School on Friday. I am excited and nervous at the same time. First time ever going to Phoenix. I hope the rest of your week is a beautiful one!