Thursday, January 28, 2016

Willow House Finish

It's been a long time coming...but Willow House by Blackbird Designs is finally finished! The shop sticker on the pattern when I bought it is dated for 2009. I really don't remember when I started working on this but I don't think it's been that long. It's stitched on a 30 count R and R linen called Witches Brew I believe with the recommended Weeks Dye threads. The eyelets in the house worked my nerves a little, I just never felt I could get them right. So I opted not to put in the area up by the roof where the letter G is and just used regular cross stitch. Also, the purple star was supposed to be over one and rather than tear my hair out I changed it to a smaller version of the gray star to the right of it.  Amazingly, I was able to get through my lazy daisy stitches. That was after watching a very helpful video on YouTube. I figure all these little changes makes it unique to me.  I added mine and my daughters initials to complete the piece. 

It's been very hard to get a good picture of this piece...the linen is golden in color not sure it's as golden as this picture shows. However other times the flash just will completely wash it out. I took this picture at night as well.  Now I am on to my next project, I am pleased with these two finishes as I am making progress here in 2016!  The month of January continues to be a challenging however, and my ear infection and hot water heater are now minor. But I won't go into that right now.   Thanks for stopping by and I hope your weekend is fabulous!