Wednesday, August 23, 2006

SBQ 8/9/06 & 8/16/06 and a past finish

Well, I thought I would catch up with the last two weeks stitching bloggers questions-better late than never!

Today's SBQ was suggested by Ami and is:For those of you who use hand or over-dyed floss, how do you store it?
I have no special system to store my floss. I usually like to use the floss away bags and metal rings. I have been trying to find a better way of storage as I collect more and more different brands of floss.

Today's SBQ's were suggested by Ami and Anna:

Do you have an organizational system for your fabric? If so, what is
it? If not, what do you store your fabric in?

How do people store their fabric, especially those small but
potentially usable pieces? Do they sort by count? How do they label it
or otherwise know what each piece is?

I usually keep all fabric with the project it goes with-this is so I won't get confused later. Loose fabrics usually are stored in a plastic storage bag. I keep all my stash stuff in rubbermaid containers currently-but I am looking for other ways to store it. I would love to have an chifferobe or something like that to keep my stash in. I mostly use 28 count linen-so therefore don't have to keep my fabrics really separated! I have been trying to keep my linen labeled with what color it is and who it is by.

This is a finish from a couple of years ago. It is called porcelain geisha by Creative Concepts who are no longer in business. I thought it was very interesting and the eyes are my favorite part!