Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A little RAK for Annemarie!

Annemarie is such a sweet and generous friend, that I sent her a little something to surprise her with. I had stitched this little freebie heart-but had not quite decided what to do with it. So, I finished it into a pinkeep and sent it along with berries, strawberries and the tea room (not pictured) by LHN. I also sent her a small mesh bag, a wacky little monkey tape measure and a couple of threads. I heard from her today that she had received the package and that she likes it. I am very glad. You worry sometimes when you send things. She says it's her first pinkeep ever. I should have probably put my initials somewhere on it. But, I have gotten out of the habit of marking everything I stitch. I think Annemarie will remember it's from me right?

Thanks for all the comments on my felted bag and my furbabies, they are much appreciated. I promise I haven't forgotten the stash. Will try for later today. Right now I am off to school shop with three children-pray for me-LOL