Saturday, August 18, 2007

Summer Feast HD

Oh my, I haven't posted in over a week. I have been busy getting the kids ready for school and such. Very hard shopping with boys who aren't interested and a girl who wants everything! LOL I have been busy stitching though and I have a small finish to show for it. It's summer feast by Praiseworthy Stitches. It was a quick stitch, but that watermelon was very tedious. I thought I would never finish it. I think it is really cute and I want to stitch the new peacock treat too. I am not on automatic for these as I like to see what they look like before I commit to buying.

Thanks for the comments on my stash-I do enjoy it. Though just when I think I could and should stitch only from my stash-a new pattern comes out. What's a girl to do? Put blinders on? Has anyone seen the new coffee thread packs by LHN, a definite must buy. Also, I see there is going to be a new pair of Gingher scissors called Bianca coming out-got to have those. So, I give up! Arrest me now-LOL Currently I am stitching ice cream sundae, and the freebie pattern an they shall seek him. I am also stitching on rise and shine by Samsarah designs. Not to forget too, that I have developed a sudden attraction for Cirque des Circles. I even have fabric and a silk thread all picked out for that. I will have to show you in another post what it looks like. The fabric is called fresco and the silk is a waterlilies called Java. Think chocolate and pinks!

Since, I haved yakked your ear off I will go. I have to go to work today(yuck!). But, I am off for a glorious 8 days and 7 nights beginning Monday(hooray!). The kids will be in school and peace will descend for a few hours upon my home. Hope you all have a great week!