Thursday, December 20, 2007

Stitching Bloggers Christmas Exchange

This is my stitching bloggers Christmas exchange for Jenna from Tale of a Shooting Star. She is my partner in the stitching bloggers Birthday/Christmas club 2007. I sent her this little pillow with the stitched design called snowed in from Stone and Thread. It was an fun pattern to do and came with the cute little snowman button. The original model was done on tin roof by WDW. I chose to stitch this on a pretty blue opalescent instead and placed it into a prefinished pillow. I also sent her some charts by JBW, some Christmas themed threads, fabric quarters, candy, note cards and sticky notes. A very fun exchange to gather items for! Enjoy Jenna!

Thanks too for all your comments regarding my exchange to Carol! They are much appreciated. I hope everyone has their holiday shopping done, because the days are slip, slip slipping away! I just have one more giftcard to get and then I am done! Yay! I must go and get some shut eye! Duty will be calling Take care and thanks for looking:)