Thursday, June 15, 2006

Another Stitching Sistah!

This is a cross stitch work in progress by one of my coworkers "T". It is Eyore the donkey. She is a part of what I call my mini mission to teach black women to cross stitch. There are not very many of us stitching "sistah's" out there, and I want others to know how wonderful and enjoyable this craft is. This is her very first piece and I think she is doing wonderfully. This after only a few pointers from me and my friend "B". Not only did we get her started, we also got another co-worker "I" started and she is also doing very well.

I am so pleased that others are a least trying this craft and I hope that there will be many more to start. If you haven't already, check out DebVa, a "sistah" new to stitching bloggers. I also have to give a shout out to "D", she is also a coworker that I got started to stitching! She has already progressed to her second piece! I love to pass it on!