Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Houston, we have pictures!

I've got pictures! Yesterday I ordered my digital camera with one day shipping from Amazon and it came today. It has been interesting setting it up and I of course could not wait to take pictures of some of my cross stitch. This particular piece was my second finish ever after learning how to cross stitch. It is called portrait in purple by Green Apple. It was completed in early 2002. My birthday was great and I ended up ordering a couple of patterns. I ordered carrot cake sampler by Casey Buonaugurio and swirly sampler by Bent Creek. I found a different color conversion for swirly sampler on another blog. I still ended up changing the colors from that conversion to my own preference. Don't know when I will start that-but hopefully soon. I am going to go stitch some now. Can't seem to stitch for finding new patterns to add to existing stash. I gotta stop.