Thursday, May 11, 2006

Some past finishes....

I thought I would appease my frustration by posting some of my past finishes. This is Women's Work by Green Apple. I completed it in 2005 and it hangs over my bed. The middle picture is also a Green Apple chart. It is called Pearl and it hangs in my living room. The top picture is called Goldie and yes you guessed it the same designer. I love these pictures and this is what I first started to cross stitch. Of course my interest has branched off into other themes such as samplers etc.

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Rava said...

Hi Sharon, I love your x-stitch work! The Green Apple Designs are gorgeous and I admire the frames too! Goldie is my fav from those three - she is so commanding.

Thankyou for coming by my blog and commenting as well - its lovely to make new friends :) Hugs, Rava