Monday, September 24, 2007

SAL Update and a XS Buffet!

Here is my progress on Salem Sisters as of today, over half way done! Yay! Unfortunately, I have to stop because I am out of VC deep purple. Slightly aggravating because I have been on a roll. But, it will give me time to finish my birthday club exchange-so it's all good. I had to break out the q-snaps on this one as the material was so soft, it was driving me nuts. Have you ever had fabric to do that?

Below is a picture of my new antique buffet! Of course, I don't have a dining room to put this in. So, what am I going to use this gorgeous piece of furniture for? I will give you one guess. Do you even really need to guess? LOL Alright, I will stop teasing, it's to store my cross stitch in. I call it my cross stitch buffet. I don't know what year it was made in. It is all wood, with deep drawers and it had four trays in the middle that would typically hold silverware, but I am going to put my threads there. I will take pictures when it is all set up like I want it to be. They just don't make furniture like they used to. The best thing was I got it on sale and it a Christmas gift from my Mom. Do you think she loves me? LOL

Now, on an unhappy note, my cats have been on it and I have a couple of scratches on it. I had it less than 24 hours before this happened. I know cats climb on furniture, I don't usually have a problem with that. But, I would like to keep them off this. Does anyone who owns cats have a suggestion for this? Your help would be greatly appreciated. Speaking of cats, if you look at the bottom of the picture you will see my culprit! Okay,now that I have talked your ears off, so I am going. Thanks for all your comments on my last finish. Much appreciated. Have a great week and happy stitching!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

A small finish!

This is be silly by My Mark Designs, a quick little stitch in some of my favorite colors-pinks. I did this on 30 ct. lullaby pink with WDW sweetheart rose. I think the camera flash washes out the pretty pink-even though it is pale irl. I am going to put this in my daughter's room and most likely finish it as a cube. I seem to to be on a cube kick. There is another pattern in this chart pack called be honest, that I may stitch in blues for my son's room. Think they will get the hint? LOL

Speaking of My Mark Designs , Monique had a contest on her blog recently of which the winner would receive a chart of their choice. Yes, I was the lucky winner of the chart and I chose daydream that you see below. I guess, I will have to stop saying I never win anything-LOL Thanks so much Monique!

Well, I have still have been buying some stash. I must resist or should I say resistance is futile-LOL Has anyone seen the new pattern called the giving sisters by Not Forgotten Farm? Too cool and right up my alley. Currently stitching on Salem Sisters and working on my birthday exchange. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

SAL update

I made some progress on Salem Sisters this past week, you can see a picture of it here . I am going to try to do better this week. Hopefully my SAL partners are faring better than me. Lizzy, Ranae how are you both doing? I have been a lazy blogger this week too. Probably a result of the horrible tooth ache I had all last week. I see the oral surgeon tomorrow, so he can drain me dry of my money-LOL. Last night I went to a stitch in at my LNS, a most lovely way to while away the hours. Next month is Needle Delights stitching fair retreat. I am going again and I can't wait. I am starting to get my projects ready-because let me tell you-one can never take too many projects. Can you believe it's been almost a year since I went to the last one?

Anyway, here is the fabric and waterlilies, that I picked out for Cirque Des Circles. The linen is called fresco and I am going to use Java which is a rich chocolate color with hints of pink and purple. Very pretty I think. Don't know when I will start, but it's all ready. Thanks so much for the compliments on my exchange to Carol. I really enjoyed stitching that piece and I hope that I can do as well the next time! I hope you all have a great week.