Friday, April 29, 2016

Blog Anniversary, Giveaway, Birthday, WIP...Oh my!

I am back from vacation!  It was wonderful and relaxing...we will be doing a cruise again. I love that there is no cleaning, cooking or any thoughts of housework related items. It's a beautiful thing!  Now, while I was gone my blog had a little's tenth anniversary on 4/17! I can't believe it's been that long, and though I don't blog so much anymore...I haven't been able to go kaput on the blog! I wish that I was more interesting or could stitch faster...but you just get little old me! LOL So for those of you that continue to visit me, I say a tremendous thank you to!

So in honor of my blog anniversary... I am giving away a $50 dollar gift certificate to 123 Stitch! Open to anyone that leaves a comment on this post only! Please make sure that I have a way to contact you by leaving your email in your comments. I will draw a name 5/9/16!

Happy Birthday to is also my 50th birthday! It is such a blessing to be here, to be healthy, have a job that I love (well most of the time) my family, friends and cats! I really have nothing special planned today. Going to hang out with the family....and hopefully put some stitches in!

Here is my WIP Strawberry Garden, I was hoping for a finish but cruising got in the way! I am getting close. Those Lazy Daisy's take a little time, but I am pleased with them. The basket calls for a different stitch (alternating satin like stitch) however, it's just going to be plain cross stitch for this girl, as I started the stitches...but they were working my nerves some! There is also a creative error present that I shall forever remain mum on. ;-)

This is a second project that I started by Kathy Barrick called the The Tea Keeper...I have a little plan for finishing this one. Lets hope it comes to fruition. 

Anyway, I am going to run, going to visit my mom and relax. I hope your day wherever you are is beautiful and blessed! I will leave you with a picture of my cruise. I didn't get any good pictures this time...don't know why! This is one of my favorites of the ship! This was on Grand Turk in the The Turks and Caicos. Carnival Sunshine was the name of the ship. 


Friday, April 15, 2016

A Little Stash...

It's been a busy few weeks for me,  because  I have been working and preparing to go on vacation, so much so that I have not stitched very much. But vacation has finally commenced and hopefully my needle and thread will meet soon. Has that stopped me from stashing?  Of course not...especially with the latest and greatest from the Nashville Needlework Market! Every year,  I think I am finished ordered for now....

So a couple of weeks ago I was approached by Elise who is the designer for Spruce XStitch.  I had never heard of her designs before. She is based in Australia..  She makes the most adorable charts and kits for cross stitch.. The one below is one of my favorites...".I cross stitch so I don't kill people."  I think most of us can relate! LOL The kit comes with aida fabric and presorted threads. You can peruse her site at Spruce XStitch  and I am sure you will find something to catch your eye! This is the kit I received below.. Go by and visit her site,    


My other acquisitions are from Plum Street Samplers and Blackbird Designs. Two of my favorite designers....I kitted these up with fabric and threads as well.. 

Blackbird Designs

Plum Street Samplers

I must run,,,have to sleep now. I have a blog anniversary coming up next week. 10 years! Though  I don;t blog as much. My blog is still  a part of me and if my thoughts could post themselves, you would see a whole lot of posts! LOL