Saturday, June 30, 2012

Elenor Ferrow Finish!

Finally, here is my Elenor Ferrow Finish! I loved working on her, it was one of those pieces that just flowed for me.  It is stitched on 32 count natural Belfast linen with a combination of Gentle Arts and Week's threads. Stitch count  is145 x 203. This naturally will be framed for my sampler wall! This is also my second finish this year by Shakespeare's Peddler, with the first being Magic Garden Sampler. Now, to figure out what to stitch next or should I say concentrate on next because there is always plenty to stitch! Have you ever had that indecisive feeling of what to stitch after you finish a project?

Summer is in full swing around here and it is hot! I am off next week for the holiday and the kids and I have a couple of fun things planned. Mostly hanging out with family is a big part of the plan. You know stitching will be squeezed in there too-LOL  Can't wait!  I also have been working on some home improvements-mainly purging! I don't know how people can hoard stuff (well unless it's cross stitch-LOL) I get such a feeling of relief when I get rid of stuff I don't use.  All right, enough talk as I am off to find that next project to work on. I leave you with a picture of Tabasco (my baby) Hasn't he gotten fat?

Blessings my friends!

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Lizzie Kate Santa 2010 Finish

This is Lizzie Kate's Santa 2010 Socks and Underwear. It has taken me far too long to finish him but here he is! He is stitched with the called for Crescent color threads on 30 count confederate grey by Weeks. A few tiny changes that make him uniquely mine are that I didn't use the whisper thread for his beard and eyebrows. I have developed a healthy dislike for whisper thread! Also, Santa is supposed to have on black gloves-oops!  I also changed the color of the long row across the bottom. It is supposed to be white, but I was loving the red.  So red it became! Future plans for Santa include him being made into a cube for my Christmas display.  Several years ago I changed back to the traditional Christmas colors of red, white and green. So he will fit in quite perfectly!

As for other things going on, the kids are out of school! Yay! So glad for a few weeks respite from homework, projects and the like. My youngest didn't get up today until 1 pm! Oh, the life!  Next year, my son is a senior. I can't believe that. So, that will be exciting. I am slowly getting ready for my cruise, it's still a few months away-but I want to be ready! I also have been kitting more projects and thoroughly enjoying that. I have a couple of new starts to show you next. Anyway, I am off to stitch. No work today!  Be blessed my friends!