Sunday, December 11, 2011

3rd Annual Ornament Finish for a Friend

This is Christmas Cat Tree by Brittercup Designs from the JCS 2011 ornament magazine. I stitched this for a friend and it will be winging it's way Monday. I love these designs because they are so easy and quick to stitch. I used a scrap of off white jobelan with the recommended WDW threads and Kreinik thread. I finished it in a triangle shape, which is a first for me. I am going to have work on it though-because I think I got my mat boards turned around, so one side is a little off. I hope my friend will like it.

I have been working on some other ornaments, but I have been busy getting ready for Christmas and working entirely too much, so they are not completed yet. I have also been making mental stitching plans which involve samplers and such. Hopefully,I will have a more productive year next year. Anyway, I am off to do a little shopping, I hope you have a blessed Sunday!

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Framing and Updated Sampler Wall

Winter's Delivery by Blackbird Designs. I love this one. Had a framing mishap I believe. The framer cleaned my piece and the beautiful Vatican Red bled of course. So my creams in the piece became rosy. I was not happy, needless to say. I have thought about taking it apart and redoing the cream in it. But at present plan to leave it for now.

Summer House by Blackbird Designs. I highlighted the initial of my maiden name as the pattern suggested which is the "G" for Green.

The current sampler wall for now. Hopefully, I will add more soon. This has not been my year for finishing anything! But,a girl can dream right? It looks more like a Blackbird Design wall doesn't it? Next up getting close to a Lizzie Kate Santa finish!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

WIP's and a JCS Halloween Mag Giveaway!

Edited to add: Magazine Winner is Leila!

Happy Fall everyone! I know I have been a terrible blogger but unfortunately life gets in the way. It especially got in my way with MD appointments and work! But, on the upside I have been stitching, slowly but surely. Perhaps I will finish something in the not so distant future! I know-it would be shocking right? LOL

This is Where My Flowers Blooms by Blackbird. When I last posted I had put in the blue the pattern called for and hated it. Reminded me of a baby for some reason and y'all know I get enough babies at work! So lots of reverse stitching later I finally found a color I could live with, thanks to stepping stone from Crescent colors. So I am happier with it, I started work on one of the trees on the side of the house and took it out not once but three times-yikes! So, I am going to step away from it a bit. Don't you think it looks better?

Where My Flower Blooms

This is Elenor Ferrow 1842 by Shakespeare's Peddler. I love it! It has been a joy to work on. I am using the recommended fabric which is 32 count natural Belfast and GAST colors. This is what it will look like when finished.

Elenor Ferrow 1842

Now, last but not least, I have a 2011 JCS Halloween ornament magazine to give away. I have an extra one I don't need and if you are interested then please leave me a comment to this post only. I will draw a name on Halloween. So though it won't help you this year, it will certainly help next! As always, thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A WIP and a question...

Good morning friends. I am currently stitching on Where Flowers Bloom from a Schoolgirl's Work book. But, alas I am not loving these colors specifically the blue. I am using the recommended colors of which the blue is called Dublin Bay by Crescent. However, the trees/leaves are this same color with the petals being the same color as the birds on the house. Of course the picture looks nothing like this in the book. I even have emailed Alma of Blackbird to inquire if this was the correct color (which I hope she won't take the wrong way) I haven't heard back yet. What do you think? Is there anyone stitching this particular piece? If you were stitching this piece would you change the colors? Suggestions would be welcomed!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Rovaris Necklace Finish

I finished my Rovaris necklace kit last night, a very easy piece to do except for sewing the fabric and felt onto the metal necklace. That part was quite fiddly to say the least. However, I think it turned out okay. I like that everything charms, necklace frame thread, tassel and cording came in this kit. The only drawback, no clear instructions in the kit. It is stitched over two with one thread. Thanks to Gwen from Guava Gems . Scroll down a bit and you can see her finish. Thanks Gwen!

I have a few things I would like to offer up as giveaways, so stay tuned. The kids are all to school and I am having a peaceful moment! I am getting ready to stitch on some projects out the The School Girls Work book by Blackbird, such a great book! I am hoping to start that this week. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Framing and First Day of School

This is Live Simply and Live Humbly by Stone and Thread I think they are no longer designing). I had them framed and they will be included on my sampler wall. I actually have had them framed for a bit but forgot to post them. When I get Summer House and Winter's Delivery back I will show an updated photo of my sampler wall I am constantly looking for more samplers to stitch which as you all know is not hard for me to do-LOL

Brandon, Lawrence and Alexis

The kids got off to school and had a pretty good first day. Alexis started high school, she looks fairly excited I think. I spent the evening filling out the multitude of papers that the school bequeaths us parents. Caleb refused to take a first day of school picture-the stinker! I am praying the kids will have a great year! It's nice to have a little me time back during the day. Anyway, I am off! Have a great week!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Winter's Delivery by Blackbird Designs

Here is Blackbird Design's Winter's Delivery stitched on 32 count Vatican red with the recommended GAST fibers. There is not too much going on here but the work, work and more work. So not too much stitching due to that. The kids and I have also started prepping for school. I took Baby Girl to her high school orientation yesterday. I will have two in high school this year. I am getting old!

So today, this and Summer House are off to the framer's and then me and my mom are going to browse the antique stores. Thanks for your compliments on Summer House and thanks as always for your continued visits. Have a great Friday!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer House Finish!

Finally, I have a finish! Summer House Loose Feather's #14 by Blackbird Designs stitched on 30 count Celadon linen by R & R, with GAST, Weeks and DMC threads. I love the colors in this one and this gives me another one for my sampler wall! Up next is Blackbird's Winter Delivery, it is very small and I don't have very much left to finish on it. I started Ann Sandles, though I don't have much progress to show with that one.

Not much going on around here but the heat. It's time to start getting the kids ready for school, so we have started with that. Anyway, I am off to stitch so have a great Sunday! Thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Fabulous Gift from Sherri!

Do you remember those fabulous African Women I showed you a few weeks ago? They were by French designer Isabelle Vautier and if you scroll down a bit you can see my post on them. Well one of my friends and stitching partner Sherri volunteered to stitch one for me! Can you believe that? I was surprised and delighted and of course I said yes! So here is the first one she stitched for me called Turqouise Song. It is stitched on Chablis 32 count linen by Picture This Plus, using DMC threads and a gold metallic. So after this one was done, I said "would mind stitching the second one for me?" Obviously, she agreed much to my delight!

This one is called Rose Beauty and is stitched on 32 count Jade linen by PTP as well, using DMC threads again and a gold metallic. She also has signed each one for me in a lovely cursive stitch with her name. You probably can't see that as they are long and were a little hard to photograph. She stitched each one over the course of a month! So she is really fast and her backs look as beautiful as the fronts!

Sherri, I can't THANK you enough for these! I will treasure them always!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

I'm still stitching...really

I am! Currently I am working on Summer House by Blackbird Designs. I am stitching it on 30 count celadon with the recommended GAST, Weeks and DMC threads. I am loving it. I have been having a Blackbird love affair for the last several months. Yes, I know I am little late to that party! Have you seen the sneak peek of the new loose feather's series? It's a must have! I have not been working on Magic Garden, I had a few errors and felt the need to distance myself!

In other news, the kids and I took a Carnival cruise to Key West, FL. and Nassau, Bahamas. It was for 5 days and it was great. The kids really enjoyed it, no worrying about what to cook and you could literally eat 24/7 or for 24/5 in our case. The ship is in the picture below, we were docked in Key West at the time. It was called Carnival Fascination and it was huge! Service was great, the food was a little hit or miss, but it's a great vacation for the price and to have all your meals included.

Now the kids and I are settling into summer and I am planning my stitching. All too soon it will be time to shop for school. Next year, I will have two in high school. I can't believe it! Anyway, I am off to stitch. Have a great Sunday!


Friday, April 29, 2011

45 Today!

Today is my 45th birthday! It's a beautiful thing and I am so grateful to be here, to be healthy, to have a wonderful family, a job I really like and so many other things that I am grateful for, that the list would be endless. Thank you Lord for blessing me with these years, I hope to have 45 more!

This picture was taken right before going to a 70's party. My absolutely favorite decade! So I was hoping to achieve sort of a tie dye look. The earrings are huge and almost drove me crazy. They say "Nappy Goddess" on them, which I find hilarious! All I am missing is my afro!

Anyway, my wish today is for everyone to have their dreams to come true and be blessed in everything they do!

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Stash from France...

I found these two lovely African patterns from an online French cross stitch store called De Fil en Idees . They are by French designer Isabelle Vautier. She has done a series of five, I have yet to get the other 3. However, they are on my list to get because I am always trying to find ethnic patterns and I have found that the overseas designers tend to do more in that aspect. I have kitted these up, they are both done in DMC threads with some metallic accent. I have tentatively decided to do PTP fabric. I have no idea when I will start these as you can see by my previous post the project ADD continues. I think these are pretty cool. Now off to work on Magic Garden sampler, hoping you have a beautiful Sunday whatever you may be doing!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Project ADD...

is what I am suffering from these days! Lord only knows when I will finish a project because I keep jumping around. These aren't the only two I have going. I am working on a couple of Samsarah projects and I am doing another Loose Feather's called Moon Garden. I couldn't get a decent picture of Moon Garden to show you. I have had fun working on my projects-hopefully there will be some finishes sooner rather than later. Anyway, I am still around, just busy working and with the kids. Brandon turned 17 and he goes to hopefully to get his operator's license next week. Florida driver's beware! LOL So, here is a peek at my small progress and thanks for stopping by!

Summer Jubilee by Blackbird Designs on 30 count Dolphin fabric with GAST fibers. Love, love this one!

Magic Garden Sampler progress, not much but some.

My fur baby Stoli

Monday, February 14, 2011

HAED Giveaway!

Edited to Add: The Winner is Kat! Congratulations!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Valentine's day, mine has been pretty low key. Anyway, this year has brought the desire to decrease my stash somewhat as I was feeling overwhelmed. These two patterns I have had for a couple of years, I thought that I would try one, but I know now that I am not ever planning to stitch these. They are so pretty that I thought I would give them away.

They are both quick stitches. The first one is QS Peony by Ching-Chou Kuik and the second one is QS Kimono-Butterflies Mermaid by Nadia Tate. They are both brand new. If you are interested in entering the giveaway, please leave a comment only on this post. I will draw next Monday, February 21st. I will ship overseas. Thanks and good luck!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Current WIP's

Olde Settlement by Primitive Needle with called for Belle Soie silks on I don't remember the name linen

Magic Garden Sampler by Shakespeare's Peddler on 30 count Creme Brulee linen with GAST fiber's.

Tombstone Spots by Primitive Needle on 32 count PTP Heritage linen with Weeks fibers

Well I have practically missed January! It has been a busy new year filled with appointments, illness and work, work and more work. So not a lot of progress on these, but I will get there. I am enjoying Tombstone spots, I started this awhile ago and picked it up again this month. I didn't join the January challenge but I think that I could have easily since I have had major startitis. There are so many projects just screaming Sharon "pick me!"
Anyway, I am hoping to do better with posting. I am also hoping to put up a trade/sale blog soon because the stash is a little much. I am off to do the never ending list of things we women do, thanks for stopping by!