Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year!

Where's the Party by Lizzie Kate finished as a flat wool ornament with jingle bells sewn on the bottom.

Brittercup Christmas Kitty by Brittercup Designs 2005 JCS Ornament Magazine finished as a flat ornament and gifted to a Loralee.

These are my last two finishes for the year. I have read with great interest everyone's stitching goals for next year. So far my only goals are to stitch more ornaments and samplers for my sampler wall. Though I didn't stitch as much as I would have liked, I am pretty pleased with my start on my sampler wall. I also want to work on some Valentine ornaments to do a Valentine tree.

My current works in progress are as follows:

Olde Settlement and Hoodoo Voodoo by The Primitive Needle

Sunflower House by Blackbird Designs (love the colors in this one)

Magic Garden Sampler by Shakespeare's Peddler (this one is fun to stitch)

Of course there are many more lurking around, but these are my primary focus at the moment.

Anyway, Christmas is over for another year. It was a good one and we were very, very blessed. The pockets are very light! LOL I hope that everyone will have a healthy, peaceful and prosperous New Year! Thanks for your continued visits!

Friday, December 17, 2010

A Sweet Gift from Harmien!

Yesterday, I received this beautiful ornament from Harmien . It was such a surprise and a delight to receive this. It goes perfectly on my ornament tree. Harmien, thank you so very much, I will treasure it always.


Back (sorry for the blurriness)

Gracing my Christmas tree with loveliness

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Ornament Finishing

I first want to thank you for all so much for the compliments on my sampler wall and my new blog look. I must admit I am pretty happy with the wall so far myself. Now, I recently got a chance to sit down the other day and do some ornament finishing. I had been wanting to try Vonna's flat wool felted ornament tutorial found here . It was so easy, though I need to work on my corner's a little more. Thanks Vonna for such a great tutorial.

Ho Ho Tired by Homespun Elegance and Star Topiary Ornament Hillside Samplings. The Ho Ho Tired is a new finish.

Joy Ornament by Erica Michaels and Holly Jolly by Lizzie Kate. The Holly Jolly was stitched for me by my mom!

Walt the Malt by Raise the Roof. This is a new finish too and finished finished as a pin keep ornament. It has a pretty pepper mint fabric on the back.

Merry Christmas Freebie from Nan at Threadwork Primitives. Freebie found

I plan to stitch that one again for myself as it was given away in an ornament swap recently at my LNS, Well that's my update for now. It's pretty cool here in Florida today at 37 degree's. So I am making chicken and dumplings tonight, something nice and warm for the coolness. Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Framing and Sampler Wall

Spring Fling

Bluebird's Message

Below is the my modest start to my sampler wall. I must say that I love it! Now, I wish I could stitch faster because there is a whole lot more that I want to put there. I did start Sunflower House by Blackbird, though not very much to show yet. I am hoping to get some time on it today. I do have two more framed pieces to go here when they are ready and that is Live Humbly and Live Simply.

Sampler Wall

Well as you can see the new blog is up. I hope you like it because I really do. We will be looking at it for a long time-LOL I finally got my stitching blog links back up and I have added some recipe/cooking blogs to the right. I also have added some links that I love to visit. I hope you will enjoy them too. I do have more links to add and if you find yourself missing-let me know I will get you on there. I am off to do laundry-ugh! Hope you have a blessed Sunday!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy and safe Halloween. My kids and I aren't doing too much this one. This as you see is an old finish for me from 2004 called Hat's Off to Halloween by Lizzie Kate. Hat's has been languishing in my finished box till now. It is done on a Heatherfield linen with Gentle Arts threads. It is framed with no glass and a little puff under it. It's one of my first pieces where I learned how to use over dyed thread. I'd like to think that I have grown some since I first stitched this piece.

This is Moon Witch a free pattern from The Primitive Needle. I just love her as well. I can't remember what fabric she is on but, she is stitched in over dyed threads.

Up next for me is a blog makeover. Since blogrolling is shutting it's doors my blog links may not work for a bit. I am on a wait list for The Design Girl to redo my blog as I am seriously challenged when it comes to adding and deleting things on here. So please bear with me if you notice links not working.

I have finally gotten the last two Blackbird pieces framed and will show you those the next post as well as my modest sampler wall.

Anyway, have a great Halloween!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Thank You and Giveaway Winner's

I just wanted to say a huge thanks to all of you who wished me well on my twenty years of nursing. I truly can think of nothing else I would rather be than a nurse and though it can be frustrating some days I do love it! Thanks for sharing in this milestone with me.

Now the winner's are as follows:

Giveaway #1
Stitch or No Stitch - Margaret

Giveaway #2
The Auld Grey Mare -Lynda B.

Sari's Crossed Stitches -Sari

Congratulations to you all!

Monday, October 18, 2010

A Finish and A Giveaway!

This sweet little finish was completed at retreat and is called Harvest Moon. It is by Threadwork Primitives . I am not quite sure about how I will finish this yet. It was stitched on a scrap piece of overdyed fabric with Weeks threads. Retreat was fun and relaxing. The best part was spending time with good people who love needlework as much as I do! Alas, forgot I my camera so no pictures.

Now, I hinted at a giveaway the last time I posted and I thank you all for the comments on my finish and more importantly my 20 years of nursing which officially was October 16th. So to honor that milestone I am going to give away the following. In order to participate-please just leave a comment and indicate which give away you would like to win. You may put your name in all three. I will draw using the random number generator. It is not necessary to post it to your blog. Please leave an email address where I can contact you in case you win. Good luck and thanks again for all your visits, comments and friendship.Comments will close Sunday night and I will draw the winner's on Monday afternoon October 25th.

Give Away #1
Halloween Greetings by Blackbird Designs
Halloween Garden by The Primitive Needle (pattern only)
Sonia Gingher Scissors

Give Away #2
Count LeScarrot by Just Nan (will include Rainbow Gallery Fuzzy Stuff for hair)
Pretty Wicked Whimzi Mat(includes pattern and scrap of fabric)
Mill Hill Trick or Treat beaded kit

Give Away #3
Toil and Trouble by Erica Michaels
Wanda Witch Kit by Shepherd's Bush
White Pumpkin Patch by By The Bay Needleart
Butterfly Thread Winder by Kelmscott Designs

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Spring Fling Finish

I finished up Spring Fling by Blackbird Designs today. It's Loose Feather's Number 13. I used the recommended 30 count Glen Ellyn Blend fabric with Gentle Arts threads. This makes sampler number 5 for my wall. I did have a dye lot issue with my dried thyme and avocado, was able to work out the avocado but unable to fix the thyme which is a little annoying.

Coming up next is retreat and I have started several new projects which are Old Settlement, Halloween ABC's and Halloween Garden. I am hoping to start Jenny Bean's Friendship Sampler. I am also in the process of kitting up This is Christmas by RTR.

Thanks for all the fantastic comments on my framing. My favorite would have to be Quaker Garden out of them all, with ROWmance running a close second.

Also, stay tuned for a stitchy giveaway to celebrate my 20th year of nursing! Have a blessed weekend!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Framed Finishes

Quaker Garden by Blackbird Designs

The Simple Things by Blackbird Designs

The Alphabet Soup Sampler by Brightneedle

ROWmance by Bent Creek

I think they turned out pretty great! (all pics. should be clickable) I hope you like them. Things here are busy. I have been stashing and I have completed a couple of ornaments-but not the finishing. Getting ready for stitching retreat in a couple of weeks by trying to get organized. I am getting close to finishing Spring Fling still-I am slightly stalled at the border. I have taken Bluebirds Message to be framed and I started a new one called Sunflower Charms-also a loose feather's. Kids are great, driving me insane but that is the normal.

Oh, I will leave with a picture of my newest family member Stoli (named after the vodka-LOL) by my sister. She was a stray that we took in. She is so sweet, but those eyes if caught in the dark just the right way can be a little freaky! Thanks for stopping by. Have a blessed week!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Spring Fling WIP

Here is Spring Fling by Blackbird Designs. It's a Loose Feather's from 2005, I can't remember which number. It's being done on 30 count Glen Ellyn linen with the recommended threads. Glen Ellyn is also the recommended fabric. This picture is a little washed out but it's a really pretty green. It's been a real pleasure to stitch this one so far. I am hoping for a finish soon.

Well, the kids are back in school and the grind starts all over again. Hoping for a good year. I have also been getting some finished pieces framed. Will show you those soon. Anyway, not much going on here, though I did manage to get a speeding ticket today. No fun, that just cuts into the stash buying! Off now to the urgent care with baby girl who I think has pink eye-meh! Have a great week!

Monday, August 09, 2010

Bluebird's Message Finish

I finally completed Bluebird's Message by Blackbird Designs after dragging my feet over eyelet stitches. It was stitched on 30 count French Vanilla using Week's threads. I love the colors in this one. My sampler wall is slowly taking shape. Though I am working on it, I still don't have a lot to show on Spring Fling-so when I get more I will show it to you. I love, love the colors in it as well.

Life otherwise has been very busy painting the house and school shopping with the kids of which I am still not quite finished yet. The joys of shopping with teenagers is just indescribable-NOT! Anyway, only a couple more weeks till school starts and my poor refrigerator will breathe a sigh of relief-LOL Anyway, have a wonderful week!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Just a quick post!

Just a quick drive by posting here. I keep meaning to post and time just gets away from me. This The Mercantile by LHN which I have been working on. I am doing it on 30 count Irish Creme linen by R and R with Crescent and GAST colors. I have been enjoying it! I also have a new loose feather's start Spring Fling which is simply gorgeous and when I get a little more on that I will show it to you. Bluebird's Message is essentially finished I just need to add a few more eyelets to it.

The summer is flying by and the kids and I are working on some home improvements such as painting and purging. I am getting new living room furniture and I have all these plans for rearranging. Let's pray they come to fruition. It's also time to start the dreaded back to school shopping. I am taking each child separately because when they are all together I fear for my peace of mind! Have a blessed weekend and as always thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Getting closer to a finish...

on Bluebird's Message. Not much more but the bottom branch, leaves, and eyelets underneath the heart and the border. I have enjoyed stitching this one very much, the colors are just so lovely. It also helps when borders and things meet like they are supposed to-LOL Have you seen the new Anniversaries of the Heart Farm House? I love that and it definitely goes on the must stitch list. I have worked some on The Mercantile, still not enough to show a picture yet, maybe next week.

The kids are out of school and trying to eat me out of house and home. But it's all good as we don't have to get up early for anything. We spent the first day out on Pensacola Beach with friends. Below is a picture of the beach with some storm clouds rolling in. If you would like to see more Pensacola Beach pictures check this blog out it's called Barrier Island Girl . Who knows how long it will look this way if they don't get that oil spill contained.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Stitching

First off, Happy Memorial Day to everyone. I personally would like to thank all those selfless men and women who serve our country not just today but everyday. I wish they all be home this day! It's been a lazy Memorial day for me, I spent it stitching on this piece-Bluebird's Message by Blackbird Designs. I love the colors in this one-though I never really paid attention to it until I saw it stitched and framed at my LNS Needle Delights .

Have you ever had that happen? Never paid attention to a pattern until you saw it stitched up and then all of a sudden you had to stitch it? Anyway, I am enjoying it. I am stitching it on the recommended 30 count French Vanilla with Week's threads. I am pleased with my progress since I had a major snafu last week and had to take that entire bird out and it was no fun! I could have just cried, but alas I prevailed-LOL

I also started on The Mercantile by LHN and I am enjoying that, though there is not much to see just yet. I will post a picture of it soon. I always have really good intentions of updating my blog, but then time gets away from me. You all know how that is! Anyway, back to stitching. Thanks as always for stopping by!

Friday, April 23, 2010

This is Live Simply by Stone and Thread. I just love these little patterns. It was stitched on 30 count WDW gold. This actually was a little kit that came with Valdani threads but I hated the thread. I could never get the thread to lay right and it just generally looked yucky, so I restarted this piece using GAST and WDW thread and was more pleased with the result! This and Live Humbly will be framed. Life otherwise is pretty boring, which I guess is a good thing. I and the kids are more than ready for school to be over with. No more early days and no more homework.

Currently, I am stitching on a Heart in Hand pattern called XOXO. I will soon be finished as it's a small pattern. It is for my Valentine ornament tree of which I am laboring under the delusion that I will be able to have next year! Ha! I guess I can dream! As always, thanks for you continued visits. Have a great weekend.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Bent Creek's Rowmance Finish

Finished up Bent Creek's Rowmance today. It was stitched on 30 count Old Mill Java with GAST and WDW threads. I changed the flowers from blue to a pink and used a different red than the pattern called for. I also placed a bee button instead of stitching the bee on the pattern. Thanks for that suggestion Jinger! It was very easy and fun to stitch.

I received a couple of awards. The first is Sunshine Blogger Award from Jinger and Jackie . Thanks so much ladies!

I also received an award from Bette . The Beautiful Blogger award. Thank you Bette!

Now here are the following things to do to accept this award.
1. Thank the person who gave it to you.
2. Paste the award on your blog.
3. Link to the person who gave you the award.
4. List 10 interesting things about yourself. (I am not that interesting!)
5. Pass the award on to 10 blogs and link to them.

1. I love NCIS, I watch it any chance I get! I also love The Closer, Criminal Minds, NCIS: LA, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Law and Order: CI, In Plain Sight
2. I am an avid TV watcher obviously as noted in #1
3. I love reading
4. I will celebrate 20 years of nursing this year
5. I love antiques and wish I owned more!
6. I collect old teacups and coffee cups of any kind
7. I am a girly girl, I love makeup, purses, perfume and all girl things. I carried a purse in first grade!
8. I am a very casual person
9. I was a debutante and was presented to society when I was 17.
10.Did I say, I love Mark Harmon?

Now ten blogs to share this with! I am inspired by all blogs-but I can only list ten!

Mainely Stitching

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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Live Humbly Finish

This is Live Humbly by Stone and Thread. It was stitched on Week's Dye Gold fabric which is a really lovely golden color and is more gold in real life. Stitched with the recommended WDW threads. It was a sweet little stitch! Now to try and finish Rowmance by Bent Creek and perhaps a new start!

Thanks for the compliments on Quaker Garden! I appreciate them very much as well as your comments regarding the kids. I hope you all have a great day and thanks for stopping by.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Quaker Garden Finish

I finally finished Quaker Garden by Blackbird Designs. I originally started this as you can see in 2006 since I so optimistically stitched the date on it. This started as SAL along with Karen of My Favorite Things and several others. I am probably the last to finish-but better late than never I guess. This will be number two for the sampler wall-which so far is turning into a Blackbird sampler wall. I have two more Blackbird designs kitted up-Beneath the Sunlit Sky and Winter's Delivery. I am also considering starting of Female Arts by The Primitive Needle-but we will see. I haven't quite decided on the threads for that yet. I did start a new one by Bent Creek called Rowmance and I will show a progress picture on that soon.

The kids at Christmas: Caleb, Alexis and Brandon

In other news, it is just work, work! I am a little burned out-but grateful to have a job. So I pulled back a little there. I had been working a lot of extra for Christmas. The kids are doing pretty good-I am still in homework hell occasionally but thankfully not to often! Anyway, off to run errands. I hope you have a great weekend!