Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Lordy Lordy looks who's forty.........two!

Yes, that would be me you see above! Today is my 42nd birthday! I thought I would show you all what I looked like as an infant. The first picture is of me at 3 months of age. In the second set, I have no idea how old I am-the pictures say Nov 67 which would make me over a year old-but I don't think I am that old in the pictures. The last picture is of me and my grandmother. The other most important woman in my life besides my mom. Unfortunately, she died many years ago. I am not sure how old I am in that picture-at least a year old I would guess. Anyway, I hope you will enjoy looking at my pictures! Life is hard these days and so many things are happening but I am so grateful to be here alive and well today! It is truly a blessing. Thank you too my friends for helping make my life special!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Thistle Pinkeep!

This is thistle bird by Praiseworthy Stitches-one of the whimsical bird patterns. Now if any of you have seen this design you will notice it is not stitched as the original. This pattern gave me a hard time and at one point I thought I would just cut my stitched piece up with my scissors. In the end sanity prevailed and and I ended up modifying it to make myself happy. It is missing a couple of little motifs and the original pattern has somewhat of a diagonal border and you see mine is all straight. Cute pattern-but never to be stitched again!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

And the winner's are......

Prize #1 of the Carrie's Threads goes to Sally of Salster 74 Hobbies (Sally, please email me your snail mail address!)

Prize #2 of the my needles work goes to Ranae of The Needle and I

Prize #3 of the LHN charts goes to Karoline of Karoline's Corner

Congratulation's to the winner's and thanks to all of you who left comments regarding my blog anniversary and participated in the drawing. All prizes were awarded using the random number generator. I have certainly enjoyed having this giveaway as I have gotten to meet some new people. Which is a wonderful thing! Now, that some of you have delurked-don't become a stranger! Leave me a comment or drop me a line just to say hello! If you have a blog-expect a visit from me soon. Many thanks from me again!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Blog Anniversary Drawings

On April 17th, I will be celebrating two years of blogging. It seems I just started! It has been a wonderful two years of meeting and making friends. Friendships that I hope will last a very long time! Daily, I am inspired by your fantastic projects, beautiful stitching and your willingness to give so much of yourselves to other's. Now, since I am a slow stitcher I have decided to give stash. So. if you will leave a comment to this post from now until 11:59 pm (central US time) April 16th I will enter your name in the drawing. I will pull the prizes in the order they are listed below on April 17th and post the winners. Anyone may join the fun-just make sure I will have a valid way of contacting you once the drawing is complete. Good Luck!

Prize #1-20 Carrie's Threads

Prize #2 LHN's My Needles Work Kit (comes with threads shown)

Prize #3 Bless Our Home and Home of a Needleworker patterns by LHN

Saturday, April 05, 2008

African Woman Finished!

Finally finished African Woman the other day! So, a little dancing here in Florida! I don't know why I was dragging my feet about doing her feet!LOL I finished her in my Tuesday night stitching group. Hi to Sherri if you are reading this post! Anyway, she is by French designer Bleu de Soie . This designer does quite a few things-not just ethnic designs. So, you should take a look see-you may find something you like! AW is done on 32 count apple brown bindy with dmc thread. The lovely thing about her she is done with full cross stitches. The next picture is also by the same designer and it's the design I going to stitch as the companion piece to AW. This is African woman and child. I haven't quite decided on the fabric for her yet. So she is not started! Could I have been that skinny after childbirth?

This next piece is by another French designer called Corinne Leroy and the pattern is called African Beauties. I only have a little to show as I just started. They are being done on Silkweaver limited edition 32 ct tawny sparkle. A lovely creamy opalescent with mottled rose or mauve through it. It is being stitched with dmc variations 4130.

Now, if you are still here reading, this month I will have been blogging for two years on the seventeenth of April. So, on the tenth I will post a couple of giveaways with the winners being drawn on my blog anniversary date. So be on the lookout for that! Have a great week and happy stitching!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Gift from Myrna!

Yesterday, I received this lovely gift from Myrna. She sent this vibrant dishcloth, a sweet fob and a marking pin made by her sister Ree! Sorry, the marking pin is deep in my stitching bag already and I couldn't put my hands on it. I absolutely love the colors in the dishcloth and fob. Now, I have another excuse to get me a pair of scissors-lol. I love it all Myrna, thanks so much! In other great news I signed up for the yearlong seasonal exchange again and dear Myrna is my partner!