Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Well friends it's time to close the door on 2013! I can't say that I will be sad as it was a hard and frustrating year for some people I love the most. That's the beauty of starting a new year, because its a fresh new start. I am finishing my 2013 stitching with this sweet little freebie by Stitches by Cheri.  It's called Happy New Year of course!  I got up this morning excited by new prospects to come and finished it into this little cube. I used wired ribbon for the bow and my ribbon always looks as if it's going to fly away! It is stitched on 30 count parched bones linen with Gentle Art threads and the backing is this pretty funky batik. So easy and sweet,

I stopped doing resolutions many years ago. I do have some goals in mind but that is where they will stay. I would like to wish everyone best wishes with their resolutions, goals or whatever you may have in mind. I hope that you, your family and friends will all have a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!!!


Friday, December 27, 2013

Mary's Sampler II Finish

Well better late than never! I finally finished my Mary's Sampler II design by Plum Street Samplers. It was a lovely stitch to do and I would have finished earlier if my stitching muse had not decided to disappear. My sampler is stitched on 30 count Apple Brown Bindy by R & R, and uses Gentle Art threads.You can still find this free pattern on Paulette's blog.  A big thank you to her for sharing her time and talents with all of us!

The holidays have come and gone, I hope yours were as wonderful as mine were. Time spent with family and friends is truly a blessing.  The kids are happy with what Santa brought and this mama is happy that the kids are happy. Now it's onward to looking at a new year, I am hoping and praying 2014 will be a  little kinder than 2013. I am still working on my stitching list for next year. I am not sure I will rejoin the wipocalypse, I liked having a list of stitching that I could refer back to. The list did help keep me organized, so I know I will continue that.  However, I got really lazy about posting on the dates required even though its a no pressure thing. So, I am still considering that, I  do know that my focus next year will remain on samplers. I hope to be back with a post before new years! Blessings my friends.


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Gift for a Friend

Every year for the last 5 years or so I have made a stitched gift for a friend. We have never met, we only talk via Facebook, email or texting. She is very dear to me. This years gift continues with the Halloween themed gift I gave her last year, which you can see here.  Since I was running behind, I had a little help from a friend. Sherri did the primary stitching for me and I did the finishing. Thanks Sherri! I finished it into a hanger for the door or doorknob perhaps.

It is stitched on 30 count Grasshopper linen with DMC threads, the little loop and the pumpkin nose beads came with the pattern. It had some other weird looking stars but I changed mine to black. The backing fabric is this fabulous Halloween orange fabric with the words boo on it. I added the fuzzy black yarn around it to finish it off. Oh, forgot to say the pattern is called The Witch is In by Amy Bruecken! I hope she likes it! Hopefully, I will be back soon with my Mary's Sampler finish.