Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tabasco is home!

Tabasco chillin in Alexis lap

Tabasco sleeping on the way home

We got to meet up with Theresa today and pick up Wren. We have changed his name to Tabasco much to my daughter's dismay. However, since they have named every other cat we have owned, I thought I would get the pleasure this time. I was on the fence about Tabasco until I saw him and thought it would suit him perfectly. He is adorable! He has very long legs and is very sweet. I think he was a little nervous on the way home because we were treated to some kitty toots that were killer! LOL

He made himself right at home with Alexis as you can see from the pictures. Once home, we acquainted him with the litter box, the food and water area. Then he took off exploring, he really likes Alexis and has all ready found her room! We are in love! Right now he curled up on my bed!

Thanks Theresa for taking the time to meet me today!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy New Year and a Finish!

Well here we are 13 day's into the new year and I finally getting around to updating my blog. First, Happy New Year to you all. We had a wonderfully blessed Christmas with family and friends. Spent too much of course, but don't we all? Now onto a new year that will see my son turn 18(OMG!), and looking forward to a 7 day cruise later in the year sans children Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Mexico!

I also hope to have a better stitching year than last. I had very few finishes last year, and though I try to take joy in the journey, I do like the sense of accomplishment of finishing things. Stitching plans for me include samplers, samplers and ornaments. Did I mention samplers? LOL I also want to blog more-so we will see how it goes.

My first small finish of the year is Humble Gratitude by 4 My Boys, stitched on 32 cream linen I believe with the required GAST. I am not sure how I will finish, may have it framed. The sentiment is how I feel about life, I have a humble gratitude for my family, job, and people the Lord has brought unto me in this life and will remain forever grateful. I never want to take anyone or anything for granted!

Anyway, if anyone would like this chart. The first person who comments and asks for it will receive it. I will send it anywhere. (Chart has been spoken for!)

In other wonderful news, I am adding a new cat to my family and you can see him on her blog
here. Theresa, from Shakespeare's Peddler fosters kittens needing new homes and I fell in love with him and lucky me gets to have him come and live with me and the kids in about a week or so. We can't wait! His name is Wren, though that will probably change once we get him. I am leaning towards Tabasco...

Now if you have made it through all that, thank you! I am not usually so wordy. I look forward to hearing from you and thanks for visiting!