Saturday, May 31, 2014

Primitive Bouquet Finish

This is Primitive Bouquet by Jardin Prive which has been lurking around in my stitching bag for quite some time. I would stitch on it whenever the mood struck and now its finally finished. I stitched it on my favorite neutral linen Creme Brulee by R & R Reproductions, this was 32 count and I used the recommended hand dyed threads by Nina (which if you haven't used are very nice) It did call for one DMC but I subbed Soot by GAST for the grey color you see. I am not sure what will be done with this one, framing perhaps...I sort of went through a like, dislike, like period with it. I am not sure why because I love the flowers and leaves.  The initials highlighted are S and G in homage to my maiden name of Green, plus I just liked the shape of the G better than the L :-)

I wanted to leave you with a favorite picture of mine from my recent cruise. This was taken on St. Thomas Virgin Islands  where I was blessed  to spend my birthday this year. This was taken by me from one of the higher points of the island. That is the Carnival Liberty we were on and this picture reminds me of a postcard every time I look at it. St. Thomas and San Juan, PR were both gorgeous places.
Here is one more because I can't resist leaving you with this picture of this beautiful butterfly. My cousin and I went into this little place called The Butterfly Garden and out back they had this area with butterflies floating around, some even came and landed on us and as you see were were able to get up close and take some really pretty pictures. I have more, but this is one of my favorites.

Thanks for all your sweet compliments on my needlepoint piece, I agree with you all that Sherri is awesome. I hope the rest of your weekend is beautiful and blessed!


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My needlepoint piece completed...

however it wasn't completed by me! My super nice and super fast stitching friend Sherri completed it for me. I love it! This is a  Pat and Lee Design  (#131). I thought I would try my hand again at needlepoint, but alas I find that crossing the tiny x's is what makes me the happiest. If you needlepoint at all, I do envy you, because it's a fabulous talent to have.  I have warned close friends and family, that if I even hint at buying a needlepoint canvas that they have permission to bong me on the head! Trust me, I have been tempted, but this is not an inexpensive hobby to have (who I am kidding, x-stitch is just as bad) Sherri is just too talented and it really didn't take her very long at to complete. All of the lovely background, the hills, pathway are all her very own additions because the background was originally all white. Also, all the different stitches were her own idea as this piece had no stitch guide for it. 

I have been meaning to do this post for awhile to thank Sherri! Without her help, it would be a very expensive piece languishing in a drawer. Now to get it framed!  To tell you just how nice Sherri is, she is stitching the rest of my Isabelle Vautier African Women. You see the first two in this post. There are 3 more in the series. She has completed two almost. So watch this space for some more fabulous finishes!  Thanks so much Sherri! Words can't express how much I appreciate your stitching these pieces for me!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Kitty Cat Row Finish...

After much procrastination, I finished Kitty Cat Row by Bent Creek.  I really could have finished this ages ago but...I really don't have a good excuse! LOL It is stitched on 32 count Earthen linen by Picture This Plus fabric and I used Dinky Dyes Silk threads. Stitch count 275 x 23. I had found this conversion for the silks on the Australian Stitches and Spice shop website, however I didn't want to pay that much for it and have to pay shipping from Australia. So looking at their picture I went through Dinky Dyes thread pictures on 123 Stitch and picked the colors as close as I could to theirs.  Not an exact match of course, but I like it.  I really like the funky cat as I call it (cat #5). I will eventually get it framed and hang it in my laundry area.  The piece was supposed to have 2 little stitched mice, however I opted to add some butterfly buttons I had instead. Sorry the picture is a little cut off at the end, it was not easy to photograph.

I hope your Mother's Day was terrific. Happy Mother's Day to everyone. I made my mom a German Chocolate cake and spent the day over to her house. It was a nice and relaxing day. Anyway, it's on to something else now, millions of other projects waiting in the wings!  Have a blessed week my friends!