Friday, December 25, 2009

Ornament for a friend......

This ornament was received on Christmas Eve by Loralee so I can now post it. It is one of the Old World Santa's by The Prairie Schooler stitched on a piece of scrap fabric and finished as a pin keep ornament. The backing fabric is my favorite Christmas holly. I met Loralee on Etsy this past year (I am a big fan of the site and I am sure it has caused my debit card to just about self implode!) Anyway, she has a shop there called The Beaded Path where she sells hand made earrings, necklaces and zipper/necklace charms. I am particularly fond of her zipper charms and use them on all of my project bags. She has been generous enough to gift me with a few along with the ones I have bought. In the course of all of that we have connected, become friends and now keep in touch via facebook. She has been a sweet and generous friend and I hope that it will continue for many years to come!

You should stop by and visit her sometimes-you can look through her previous sales history and see earlier creations and she is open to custom requests too! Loralee, I am glad that you really like this ornament~I know Santa is in a good place;) This ornament will probably be my last finish for 2009~but I am looking forward to new stitching challenges next year. More about that later! I want to really wish you all a very Merry Christmas! May all your Christmas dreams, desires or needs come true!


Tuesday, December 08, 2009

A Little Ornament Finishing

Finally got around to finishing up these ornaments which believe it or not have been laying around for close to three years. Yes, you are reading that right! This year I finally got a smaller Christmas tree just for my cross stitched ornaments-something I had been wanting to do for a long time. First up is Noel Birdhouse by Brittercup Designs, second is Snow Joe by Heart in Hand and third is Folk Art Topiary by Brown House Studio. The second picture is of course the backing material. Folk Art was hard to match with those peachy colors so I gave it a little bit of ethnic flair.

Snow Joe is somewhat off center as I wasn't paying attention when I picked up the scrap fabric to stitch him on-so I didn't have enough fabric to center him but as always he is uniquely mine-LOL I am pleased with the way they turned out. I have maybe two or three more to completely finish and then I will work on trying to add more for next year. I did finish Santa's Buddies from this year's issue for an ornament exchange but forgot to take a picture and I am currently working on Prairie Schooler ornament for a gift. Hope to have that completed tomorrow! It's a dreary rainy day here in Florida~perfect to stay in and stitch. As always thank you for stopping by to visit me! Have a great week!

Monday, November 30, 2009

What a Hoot finish.....

This is What a Hoot by Pine Mountain Designs. It was a quick easy stitch-though for some reason it has been hanging around my project bag with only a few stitches left to go. A couple of the words are in the incorrect color (my color key reading skills fail me yet again!) But I decided I liked it as it is now~so I left it. So sweet to just slip that pillow form in and tie the ends and wonder of wonders it's ready to display!

Thanks for all the compliments on The Simple Things! I appreciate them very much. Now I am trying to get ready for Christmas and trying to finish finish some ornaments. Have a great week!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Simple Things

Well thanks to all your good vibes and encouragement I have completed The Simple Things by Blackbird designs. I love this design-however Le Frog really liked it too and I made many an error. Some corrected and some not so much. It is uniquely mine! I opted not to do the chain stitch and ended up back stitching which took me forever. One of those sweet little stars you see there took me three times to get right only because I didn't read the color code correctly.

I have been admiring many sampler walls-I thought this one would start me out. Of course, at the rate I am stitching perhaps I should put it up now and enjoy it now~LOL. I stitched Simple Things on the recommended fabric 30 count Marva's Blend by R & R Reproductions, using Week's and GAST threads. Now on to some ornament stitching. Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Some Framed Finishes

Here are a couple of finishes recently framed. First up is African Beauties by Bleu de Soie. They were stitched on 30 count WDW straw linen with dmc variations thread. I narrowly escaped disaster on this piece because I wanted to make it a hardanger piece by cutting a thread! But I managed to save it!

Below is Daydream by My Mark Designs . It was stitched on a piece of Silkweaver solo fabric that I just loved. I used the recommended threads except for one. It is hanging in my boys room. I actually have had this one framed for awhile. I just have been lazy about photographing it.

Otherwise there is not much going on here. I am trying to finish Simple Things by Blackbird. It is taking me way too long to complete that one and I want to finish it as I am afraid it will turn into a UFO! I am very close to finishing, so send me good stitchy vibes. Thanks for your comments on Moon Witch-she is one of my favorite little finishes! Have a great week!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Moon Witch Finish

I finished Moon Witch by The Primitive Needle today. She is too cute IMHO! I changed her face to WDW Butter bean instead of Belle Soie Shepherd's Pasture and I used WDW Curry instead of Belle Soie Mango for the moon and stars, I used WDW Mocha for her nose and mouth. Stitch count is 46w x 81h. I am thinking of having her framed. Now I want to get Simple Things finished and I also plan to start Witches Hollow this coming week. That is going to be my big project to work on.

Yesterday, I went through some of my cross stitch and ruthlessly got rid of some things I was not going to finish or did not need. I am now trying to get my projects organized because next Friday my annual retreat I go to starts! I just can't take one project-I must take many! Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Moon Witch WIP

This is Moon Witch a free design from The Primitive Needle. Isn't she adorable? I was hoping to get her finished but I keep working extra and so the stitching is taking a hit. I have made a couple of color changes to use what I have on hand and I will post those when I am done. She is being stitched on 30 count Carol's Butter crunch linen. Sounds yummy doesn't it? My goal is to have her completed by the end of the week! Thanks for your kind words and support. I appreciate them all!

Saturday, September 05, 2009

A Little Progress......

I find it hard to believe that I haven't posted here in two months! Anyone miss me? LOL Life has been busy, getting the kids ready for school. Very little stitching has went on-I have been distracted with all the kid related stuff and reading more. Now that's not to say I haven't been stashing some because I can not tell a lie-LOL

I am working slowly on The Simple Things by Blackbird Designs. So you can see a little more progress now. You can see previous progress if you scroll down this page a bit. Sorry about the wrinkles. I have also spent some time going through my stash and thinking about what I really want to stitch. I don't have any concrete ideas-but at least my stuff is a bit better organized. I am also excited because there is a market this month and that means lots of new stuff! Also, the new Gingher scissors come out and not to forget the ornament magazine too!

I had considered not blogging anymore but I can't as blogging has been a beautiful source of friendship, fun and inspiration! Thank you all for your continued support, friendship and visits! Below is a wonderful ceramic teapot that I bought from Etsy. It is by a lovely artist called Karin and you can find out more about her at Karin's Art. It is such a fun piece that I thought I would show it to you! Anyway, I have yakked enough! I am going to run for now! Have a great holiday weekend!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Summer Exchange for Myrna

Myrna has let me know that she has received her last seasonal exchange so I can safely post now. This is Hide and Seek by Brittercup Designs made into a flat fold. I left off the words and the backing fabric is red and white gingham. I decided just to keep it very simple and added just a bow to the side. I think watermelons are very much a part of summer and thought this was really cute especially since Myrna has a trio of black cats. The second picture is the rest of the exchange. I went with a little patriotic theme. I hope you will enjoy it Myrna!

How was every one's holiday? Mine was pretty good-spent the day with the kids and and took them to the movies to see Transformers 2. It's back to work for me today-though only for one day and then off for three!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Finally, a couple of Christmas Ornament Finishes

Well, finally I sat down and finished finished a couple of ornaments that I had stitched. These have actually been finished for a little while but I have been trying to decide whether to send them off to be finished or do them myself. Today, I decided to do them myself. I think I did okay here. The one on the left is Poinsettia by Brittercup Designs-I believe it's from the 2007 JCS ornament issue. I gave it a little ethnic flair with this African print fabric I found. The fabric had so much red and green in it-that Christmas just popped into my head when I saw it. I think it goes well with design. The second one is by Lizzie Kate and it is from Tiny Tidings 13 and is called Jolly Holiday and I backed it with some appropriate holly flavored fabric.

I am woefully behind on ornaments but now that I am finished with my last exchange-the selfish stitching will commence. That sounds terrible doesn't it? I tend to have guilt working on my projects when I have an exchange to go out. I have some more ornaments to finish-but finishing is a time consuming little business. I hope to get them done prior to Christmas. I would love to have a tree with nothing but my stitched ornaments on it.

Up next, that last exchange I have been talking about-it's so cute(at least to me) That I will have a hard time parting with it. But, alas it will be going out soon-so no picture until it's received. I have worked on Simple Things and made some progress-those over one words are a headache especially when you have bad eyes like me. A picture of that coming soon too. Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

An EBay find....

Found this little finished cross stitch piece on EBay aka The Bay of Evil. I only paid about eight dollars for it and that included shipping from the United Kingdom. These dancing ladies make me laugh every time I see them. I have no idea who the designer is or what the piece is called. They are done on Aida and the stitching was super neat on the back. I had them framed and here they are!(the picture is clickable) I don't think if I were selling any cross stitch that it would leave me for so little. Especially when you put so much of your time in it.

Thanks for all the lovely comments on my last post-especially my son! I appreciate them! I have worked a little more on that piece but I am trying to finish up an exchange and therefore I have not worked on my own stitching. I also have been working on some home improvements and that is cutting into the stitching time too. Anyway, hopefully some stitching pictures the next post! Have a fantastic day and thanks as always for stopping by!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A new wip and a proud mama moment....

First up, I couldn't resist starting The Simple Things by Blackbird Designs. It is just so pretty to me and I love the colors. I am using the recommended fabric and threads. It has been very enjoyable thus far to stitch! The flowers and leaves are outlined by a chain stitch-I hope when I get that point that I will be able to master that stitch. Because I am terrible at specialty stitches! I did pull out Quaker Garden but alas I am distracted again!

Now, the proud mama moment comes in regard to my oldest son Brandon. This is him right getting ready to go to his eighth grade dance. He completes middle school in a couple of days and then it is off to high school. Really, where does the time go? He has really evolved to me over the last year. He is interested in learning the Japanese language and has been studying himself via CD at home. He is actually pretty good at it. He has become very health conscious and has increased his exercise by running, skateboarding(something else new) and playing basketball. He has lost at least 30 pounds over the last year. He is forever researching something on the Internet! He is just an all around great kid! Don't get me wrong. We have our struggles-(math comes to mind) but days like today and seeing him look so happy just make things like that melt away.

I appreciate all your comments on African Beauties! Have a great week! Coming up next I will have to show you a cute little find from the bay of evil....

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Let's Hear It for The Ladies!

Finally, they are finished! Did that about 5:30 am this morning when I could not sleep! Not the best picture-no matter how I try I can't capture the color of the linen very well. In fact this picture looks a little 3-D. The details are as follows: Beautes d'Afrique by Corinne Leroy done on 30 count(I think)straw WDW linen in DMC variations thread #4130. I tell you the frogs were relentless on this one. My highlighter and I were buddies because if I didn't mark where I was a fubar was in the making-LOL. Now I need to work on an exchange and I hear a UFO yelling at me-Quaker Garden of which I am halfway finished. So, we will see where I get with that!

Thanks to all of you for the birthday wishes! You all know how to make a girl blush and feel very special! Have a great day!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

43 Today!

Today is my 43rd birthday! Here I am in all my chunky chocolate glory-LOL Makes me sound good enough to eat doesn't it?(That is me on the left just in case you didn't know and my cousin Carolyn on the right) Anyway, nothing too much planned for the day-just a little stitching perhaps and definitely some NCIS. My mom took me to lunch yesterday and to add more to my overall chunkiness I baked myself a red velvet cake for my birthday! It is truly a blessing to be here and have my health, family and friends! My wish for you all on my birthday is to have a wonderful day whatever you may be doing!

Friday, April 24, 2009

A Winner and a WIP!

First, let me say a tremendous THANK YOU to those who have stopped by and wished me Happy Blogaversary! Your kind comments and friendship are appreciated so much! The winner of the giveaway is Barbara of Mainely Stitching ! Congratulations to Barbara!

Now below is my African Beauties, only one more lady to stitch! Yay! I feel that when I do stitch on it that I am doing more reverse stitching than actual productive stitching! I was hoping to have this done this week-but alas I have been reading!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Small Giveaway!

to commemorate my third year of blogging! The actual date was the seventeenth but last week was extremely busy! I have two fat eights of fabric-the darker one is called Sparrow by Birds of a Feather and the lighter one is PTP relic. Both are 32 count. A pack of thread drops and two Blackbird patterns-Love is in the Air and Small Token. I have thoroughly enjoyed blogging these last three years and all of your blogs are a great source of friendship,inspiring projects and lots of enabling. Anyone may enter up until Thursday April 23rd. I will draw the winner on Friday April 24Th. Please make sure you leave an email address for me to contact you by. Thanks and good luck!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Exchange from Myrna!

Myrna , sent me a fabulous spring exchange package! A Signs of Spring pinkeep by Bent Creek, a spring fob and the neatest lapel pin stitched with hello spring by LK over one thread! She also sent me all the wonderful extras you see in the bottom photo-charts galore, fabric, and candy. She never forgets the kids or the kitties! Thank you so much Myrna! Now onto summer and our last exchange for this group. I will definitely miss being so spoiled. On a funny note, I was joking with my youngest Caleb tonight about how he didn't love me. So he says, "yes I do mommy, I won't put you in a rest home!" Too funny! Nice to know I can count on my baby to take care of his mama!LOL

Thanks for the compliments on my LK finish! They are much appreciated. I hope you all have a great week! I have a three year blogoversary coming up on the 17th and that means a stitchy drawing of some sort!

PS:Pictures are courtesy of Myrna!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

First off I want to wish all you and your loved ones a very blessed Easter! I managed to get in a small finish. Chicky Easter by Lizzie Kate. Done in recommended threads of GAST/WDW and DMC, It was quite quick I must admit even for me-LOL. I am thinking about finishing it into a tiny flat fold. There is nothing much going on here but sleep for me very soon. I have been working this Easter weekend. But, I had a great night last evening as my manager organized a Easter egg hunt for the nursing staff. It was a lot of fun! Amazing how competitive grown women can become over hunting Easter eggs! My manager set it up so that each egg was numbered for a prize. So everyone won! Anyway, I am toddling off to my bed. Have a fantastic day!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Exchange for Myrna

Myrna of Still Living in Wonderland let me know that she has received my seasonal spring exchange for her today. She likes it-hooray! The design is called Spring Primrose by Ewe and Eye and Friends (love those designs) it is stitched on 32 count flax linen in GAST/WDW threads. I left of the singular border and I also used three tiny JABCO bee buttons on it. I finished it into a no sew cube using Hannah's of Totally in Stitches no sew cube tutorial. Enjoy Myrna and happy spring!

PS: Thank you all for your lovely comments on my sweet spot. I appreciate them and your visits! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sweet Spot

This is what I call my little sweet spot here at home. My buffet full of cross stitch (we won't discuss all those other things overflowing at my bedside-LOL) I love to rearrange things on here and putter through my stash in it's various drawer's. It is an ever changing little space which makes me happy. Another thing that makes me happy is that spring has SPRUNG! I couldn't resist these vibrant daisies from the store the other day. They make me happy just to look at them and y'all know I like lots of color.;) Can you tell I am happy today? I hope it's contagious.

Here they are up close-aren't they pretty?

I tried my hand at some fabric dying. I started with just one color. It is a little bit more blue IRL. But, I think I could really like this. I dyed this just a simple blue. I have been inspired by Nicole of Nicole's Needlework finish of Sea to Shining Sea on her blue fabric (that was by Lakeside Linens). So, when I get a chance to purchase the patterns this piece of fabric will be used for that. I tell you I about need to stop visiting her site-because every time I go she makes me want to stitch something new!

This last picture is a lucky win I managed on the bay of evil. Blackbird Designs Winter Delivery. I was really surprised that I won but happy (there's that word again). Thanks for the comments on my African Beauties, they are coming along slowly. I am currently finishing my spring exchange for dear Myrna and I'm a little late with that. So, look for that next. I finished my work classes- they were a tad stressful. Now, maybe I can relax and get busy stitching. Got to run-thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Current WIP-African Beauties

Yes, it's me the lazy blogger. I have been bad at posting. But, it has been a busy few weeks for me as the kids were sick with the flu. Alexis really had it bad. Then I have been studying for a couple work required classes that will soon be over. It makes me feel guilty when I am stitching and not studying. But, for the times when I can overcome the guilt I have been working on African Beauties by French designer Corinne Leroy. It is being stitched on straw WDW fabric with DMC variations 4130 I believe. There will be three ladies on this when I finish. Other than that, not much going on. I have slowly getting back into my stitching. I am also working on the new clothesline by RTR call scrub a dub dub and currently trying to finish my Spring exchange. I hope to post a little more here soon. Thank you for your continued visits! I hope you have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Winter Surprise!

The other day I received a little surprise in the mail from Myrna my seasonal exchange partner. This was in addition to the winter exchange I had already received! She sent me this adorable flat fold. I think it may be by San Man Originals. It is so cute and I love the little teacup on it. It has a lovely blue and white snowflake fabric backing. She also sent me and the kids some treats of hot chocolate, chocolate kisses and gum-which did not last long in my house-LOL. Thanks so much Myrna, I love it!

Now below is Coyote's Mate by Lora Leigh. It is the latest in her breed series. I don't know if there are any Lora Leigh fans out there-but I want to give away this book as I have two. I was too impatient to wait for it come from Amazon! So, if anyone would like to have it I will give it away to the first person who leaves a comment for it. (This book has been adopted)

Friday, January 30, 2009

Drama Queen finish!

Finally, a finish! I have had a heck of time trying to get a decent picture of this. I concede! This is drama queen by Lizzie Kate. It is part of her girl thing pattern. Obviously, this applies to my little drama queen Alexis! It is done on 28 count ray of light linen which is a very pale yellow. Though it is very hard to tell that. It was relatively quick to stitch and I haven't quite decided how I am going to finish it. I have been stitching some-mostly Lizzie Kate. I have a small ornament almost done-it is called holly jolly. Thanks for all the encouraging words regarding my slump. I am trying to stitch a little everyday, though that doesn't always happen.

I have anxious to see what is going to come out of Nashville-mostly to see if I am tempted with anything. I am really interested in seeing Quaker Gone Tropic by Michelle Ink. The new Blue Ribbon Designs are beautiful. Not sure I am going there yet. Anyway, off to try and stitch. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Winter Exchange from Myrna

I received my winter exchange from Myrna of Still Living in Wonderland. She sent me an awesome exchange with a pin keep post called signs of winter by Bent Creek. I really like this finsh as all you have to do is change one pin keep to another as the season changes! She also sent an adorable scissor fob and just a treasure trove of goodies. They are already being put to great use-so no pictures. But, you can see a much better picture of the entire exchange on her blog! Thank you so much Myrna! I love everything and btw the cat treats are already gone along with the peppermint too!

In other news-still working on my 2009 stitchng plans-so many charts and so little time! I have started a Lanarte kit and I am hoping to start the LK Halloween flips. I am a little dissapointed-I didn't do a whole lot of finishes this past year-in fact it was less than 2007. I know it's about the enjoyment of stitchng-but I would love to accomplish more. Also, I have been in a serious stitching slump! But, it will get better. Thanks for taking the time to stop by! Happy stitching too you!